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Editors' Picks


by: teru
Elegant, haunting, romantic chill. A perfect compliment for the after hours wind-down. teru’s mix of samples is simple but couldn’t more evocative.

Time to Take Out the Trash (bill berry mix)

Rockin electro mix of a rarely remixed pell of the site’s most sampled singer. A great production but also inventive and oh yea, fun.

what if...

Vincent Vega 11 calls it a “broken record style‚Ķ”. I think it’s one the best electronic music tracks on this site. : )

Ophelia's Song

Klaus Neumaier treats us to a true jazz remix of Ophelia’s Song. I cannot imagine a more perfect backdrop for the cool Musetta vocals. : )


Wow. What can I say. This has such a deep, rich feel to it. You can’t help but be affected by it. Absolutely brilliant interpretation.

"Board Certified" Ft. Tru Ski and Ms. Vybe

Ms. Vybe’s silky smooth lyrics and Tru Ski’s funky cool flavor combine with cdk’s infectious grooves and dirty bass to create an extremely addictive hip hop track. Awesome.

ophelias symphony

An edgy and sexy piece delivered to us by PhUsIoN that instantly puts you in the mindset of a James Bond theme song with its Mancini and John Barry-esque influences. This is a great interpretation of an already great song.
If we were in the 60’s I would be at the beach doing the jerk to this one.
Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla

Desaprendere (Treatment)

smooth hip hop style with sexy vocals, this mix is sure to be put on replay, fourstones keeps it real laid back. vic is back.

Set music to the moon

by: _ghost
Another absolutely beautiful track by _Ghost. This one’s got it all: guitar, strings, vocals, sax, vintage sound clips, triangles… you get the idea. Oh and it’s got the best ending. : )

Submarine (featuring Lisa Rein)

Meandering vocals richly weave their way through rich guitars, enchanting rhythms, accompanying electronic effects, and an intoxicating bass line as Briareus shows us how to take an obscure sample and turn it into an almost spiritual creation.

We Be Gettin' Busy

A flawless debut remix from Hidden Fortress. I like it twice as much as the original. Pretty impressive considering the original is by the Beastie Boys. : )

Desaprendere feat. Silvia O (KC's Silky Jazz Mix)

Sexy doesn’t begin to describe the vibe. A perfect production of Silvia’s a cappella. Sometimes a piece of music is so good it doesn’t matter mood you’re in, it will change your day.

KCentric will change your week.

Just Another Day

Wow, now this is a chill track.
calm, emotional, yet happy.
shock appears on the mic this time with beautiful vocoder work. another reason shockshadow is a mixter favorite


dr_gore2000 hits hard with a darkish, 80’s goth interpretation of brad suck’s vocals. awesome work!

Babylon Bring Me Down

Mystro and spinningmerkaba combine talents to come up with the coolest blues mix I’ve heard here so far. Deep, rich double bass, simple Les Paul-esque electric guitars with heavy chorus, and lush vocals all intertwine to create a laid back listening experience. It’s just too short!