Firefly Secret Mixter Remixes!

Editors' Picks

The Broken

Heartfelt and heart stirring, this track is capable of generating numerous images and feelings. Admiral Bob & Jeris. Gentle. Soothing. Evocative.

Grease man in a Jam

by: Jeris
Jeris gets jiggy with Admiral Bob and the result would get the Godfather on up and dancing out of his grave. Honk if you’re horny!
MC Jack in the Box

lucid living

Septahelix brings together a variety of source material in an enticing, haunting, beautifully chill track.


by: Nethis
This producer, after only 3 tracks in, has shown a great deal of remixing skill, musicianship and talent, which is starting to be a trend emerging from the new ccmixters. I applaud his amazing way of producing this track like painting on a musical canvas with such expression and skill. Very good job. Welcome to the mixter.

Peace! ;)~

Surprise Me

Sensual, deep groovin’ by Zep Hurme features the rich vocals of Mykle Anthony. Rock, rock and don’t stop!

Surprise Me will sweetly surprise you with its delicious sonic goodness!

So Pretty

by: Alex
Alex’ loosely elegant take on mr. Méjans’ brilliant acapella sets the perfect musical tone for the lyric and the slightly blasé vocal, creating a perfect 21:st century dandyism theme song.
Paris, Milan, New York, Tokyo…


Sorry, I know its just up and out of a drum track but this is too mind blowingly good not to pick. Huge Skills.


Need some uplifting, good-time vibes? Give this track by Bluemillenium a listen. It starts out with Unreal_dm’s wonderful acoustic guitar accompanied by some beautiful harmonica playing and then… goes into an upbeat Rusted Root-esque dance party with enthusiastic vocals and a healthy dose of imagination. Fun with a capital ‘F’!
Mind Map That!


by: Jeris
Jeris shares his gorgeous Dixiana style in this mix of Lisa DeBenedictis. Inspired and also relaxed, Achilles is divine. Norah Jones & co have nothing on these two!

Cry Over You (black moon mix)

Dubstep is becoming more mainstream everyday and this is a great example of what may become a standard in the hitparades.
This song mixes a number of genres and textures so carefully that it keeps the underground feel, while still being a very easy to listen song.

A great song that holds some glimps for the future
Abstract Audio

In Muzik

by: Alex
Alex Beroza’s far-smarter-than-the-Black Eyed Peas production of Yeizon is Magical Muzik indeed. Alex produces yet another hit. When you’re hot, you’re hot!


Just try and not sing along to the hook: I guarantee you will not be able to resist this shamelessly poptastic virtual collaboration between two of the site’s top producers. Built on an irresistable synth bass line and great vocal parts, WhrD’dthLuvGO? is simple… and terrific.
Admiral Bob

Making Me Nervous

by: Vidian
Vidian’s pulsating production of this Brad Sucks favorite pell drives the nervous to dance. A must listen.

Everything I Touch (Is Gold)

by: Alex
Irresistible, Hip Hop Power Groove, with a commercial edge, Had to do it.

along the way

Polished, professional, and restrained are three superlatives that work for this masterpiece. But surprisingly… emotional, heartfelt, and passionate are three other superlatives. Great remixes are common on CCMixter, but “along the way” is that rare remix that will have you seeing (or maybe tearing up) through childs’ eyes.
Admiral Bob