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Multiple Sites Doing Different Things OK

Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
permalink   Tue, Apr 10, 2007 @ 1:26 AM
Just wanted to say I’ve proposed collab features & lyric support features on ccMixter, and now I’m backing off. ccMixter is a remix site. I think if there are going to be collaboration features, they should exist to support collaboration on remixes (and let’s not revisit what a remix is again ;).

Other sites will support things other than remixes, like lyrics, songwriting, and different kinds of collaboration. For example, one site I’ve discussed recently called is designed to support collaboration on songwriting and producing a finished original track. On that site, which also supports cc licenses, a person might put a track out there with acoustic guitar & vocals and ask for contributors on bass, lead guitar, kit drums, and production/mastering. has a different mission than a remix site, and I’m glad sites like it exist to serve that need. There are also lyrics/songwriting sites out there, but none specifically aligned with CC (although I’ve heard one may be in the works ;).

It’s actually more than OK that ccMixter AND these other sites exist. It’s pretty damn awesome. People with different needs will participate on different sites. And people with more than one need will participate on more than one site.

In the long run, as has already begun between ccMixter, Freesound, and others, linking the various sites together may be the best opportunity of all. CC licensed bass parts on the sites could become available as samples usable on ccMixter (they already are legally usable; the cross-site wiring for search & automated attribution just isn’t there yet). The same is true for the dry vocals on the sites, and the result would be a great new source of pellas for remixing on ccMixter. These are really sweet opportunities that will make each site stronger, in my opinion.

Anyway, I’m going to keep writing songs, recording them, and putting them out here. And I’m also going to put many of them out there on and see what happens.

By the way, I have absolutely no commercial tie to - no money flowing to me or anything. I just think it is a good new site for music collaboration with only a few dozen active people on it so far, and it will be stronger if there are some more people, so I’m spreading the word. Check it out if you’re interested in the sort of collaboration it is designed to support.

Peace (please).

permalink   Tue, Apr 10, 2007 @ 4:44 PM
some overlapping features is ok too. really all that’s happening is that people are already doing collabs and uploading the samples and results here, I’m just going to facilitate that so they can skip the step of having to email or private-share files.

the way I’m doing it: all that’s really happening is that some people are allowed to see some of your ‘hidden/unpublished’ works.

I thought about a ‘call for parts’ thing, others (as in: people I work for) have requested it so that may slip in some day.

for lyrics: your on your own.
permalink   Ran Dumb Dots...... .. . Wed, Apr 11, 2007 @ 12:26 AM
Quote: fourstonessome overlapping features is ok too
totally agree - just saying it’s ok and probably better to have multiple sites each with a different dominant purpose - e.g. freesound focused on samples (& specifically not songs), ccMixter focused on remixes (& specifically not fully mixed originals), and a site like focused on original song collaboration / full mix projects usually having multiple contributors (each person contributes a part or two). ccMixter could try to broaden itself to support all of this stuff, but would it be as good a remix site then? After some thought, my opinion is probably not. But back to your point, some overlap is ok as long as it doesn’t create noise that detracts from the dominant purpose (CC licensed remixes).

Quote: fourstonesfor lyrics: your on your own.
That’s fine - a separate blog, wiki, or something focused on CC licensed lyrics & songwriting will ultimately be better anyway. My original request was just that I wanted to do everything in one place, but probably not that many users on the site have CC-licensed lyrics support in their wish/need list. Once we have a site for lyrics, we’ll just link to it from here, and that’ll work just fine.

Thanks for running a kick ass remix site that supports CC licenses, Victor. If it weren’t for you originating cool contests & making the site work well, it wouldn’t have drawn the talent it has, and we wouldn’t all be sharing the excellent company we do.
permalink   Wed, Apr 11, 2007 @ 1:40 PM
I 2nd the motion ;) I think it’s a really good idea to take collabs to a site designed specifically for such things. ccMixter doesn’t suffer or loose out in any way if the community simply hang out in both places.

The people over at would be overjoyed I’m sure to be blessed with a small percentage of the kind of talent which exists here. That’s no crit of the folks over there already, they just need more numbers (it’s a very new site). They also seem keen to develop their site features specifically for collabs (obviously) so they seem like the right horse for this particular course.

I’m registered and ready to go ;)
permalink   fourstones Wed, Apr 11, 2007 @ 3:01 PM
nothin against you or kompoz, could be a great thing, but just to reiterate there’s nothing over there that won’t be enabled here at ccM in a few days.