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extras and search ideas

Ran Dumb Dots...... .. .
permalink   Thu, Jun 29, 2006 @ 3:13 PM
idea 1: on the extras page, it might be cool (& processor intensive ;) to show the longest string of attributions on the site (A remixed B which remixed C…) - obviously, this is not useful, just fun to see

idea 2: also on extras, it would be interesting to add a picks count column to the uploads by month (I think this month would be up there on picks, despite the upload volume being down since there’s no contest - the median quality of uploads seems to be improving to me)

idea 3: on the overall stats, how about adding % of remixes that are remixed?

idea 4: This one actually might be useful :)….I’m not sure why, but sometimes I do a tag search or an advanced search (e.g. on bpm), and I’m looking for a track no one has used before (in the spirit of inclusiveness or something) - it’d be sweet to be able to add a “not remixed yet” criterion or filter to the advanced search and/or tag searches…
permalink   Thu, Jun 29, 2006 @ 3:46 PM
1. Someone built a Java applet that showed the tree sturcture of the entire site, I haven’t heard from that person in many many months so I’m guessing they dropped the project — and you’re right, very sexy, very useless. (Sorry if that sounds harsh but the fact is I envisioned everyone in the world looking at that feature once — exactly once.)

2 & 4 I think would be solved by a feature I’ve had half-done for many months: Charts — different that ‘stats’ these are sortable, spreadsheet like views with colums like ‘# of times remixed’ and ratings. etc. for each week, month and forever. It’s a low priority compared to work going on now addressing some of the serious usability issues at the site. But it’s there. Some weekend I’ll finish it off and shove it into extras.

3. Turns out this number is also processor intensive to calculate, I did it once in March and the total number was less than 200. I doubt it’s a whole lot higher now.