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Find 30% More Liberally Licensed Tracks

permalink   Sun, Dec 13, 2009 @ 4:55 AM
I’ve just made some changes to the query engine (the core part of the site that drives all searches, listings, browsing, etc.) that makes it much easier to find our liberally licensed music.

With these changes, you can now select ‘OK to use for commercial uses’ from the Remix Browser and (as of this writing) you’ll get over 2,000 remixes - that’s over 30% more than the mechanism we was using before.

The geek stuff:

What’s the difference? Previously, by using the lic=by parameters you would be limiting your search to attribution v.3 licensed tracks only. Now, the by value includes all versions of the attribution license. In addition, I added a lic=open value that aggregates all licenses that allows commercial use including sharealike, sampling, sampling+. We now also allow for multiple licenses in lic parameter, separated by comma:


will find tracks licensed under Attribution (by) or CC Zero (zero).

Changes have been noted in various places around the site including the Query API documentation