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Problem Rendering A Capella Track from Full Mix

permalink   Wed, Nov 11, 2009 @ 6:59 PM
I wanted to upload the pella from my Guitar Speaks mix and I ran into a problem. Typically I would just solo the track and render it, but this time Garageband seemed to mute the track and I could barely hear the vocal track once I knocked the others out.

The one variable with this mix that was different was that I used the arrange track to build a section that I repeated later. The arrange section included all the parts. I wonder if other programs have similar features that cause similar problems. For instance I am aware that you can create similar sections in Ableton. The only other possibility is the combination of FX I used.

For now I am just going to re-record the spoken word piece on it’s own but I am puzzled and would like to hear from anyone who might have any ideas as to why this happened.