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Romantic, erotic animation sound

permalink   Thu, Jan 22, 2009 @ 4:15 AM

We´re working on an 3D Animation right now… Two Hand´s stroke along a womanbody…the guy is trying to open a bra…can´t to it at the end he is coming in with a shears (scissor). makes a hole…detail hole and then cameramove and end (you see the thing where you blow air in for a rubberpupates).

I already looked around but could not find the right sounds (musik) for it. Slow at first and getting mor nervous and in a hurry!

Maybe somebody knows the right musik piano would be cool…or to you have tipps do make our own sound??

I also couldn´t find the right tssssssschhhhhh sound when the air goes out??

Time is going by so fast…

THANK You!!!