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Writing Articles on Creative Commons and ccMixter: Need Some Help Developing Songs

PJ Rey
permalink   Tue, Oct 14, 2008 @ 7:29 PM

I am in the process of writing a couple sociology articles on Creative Commons and ccMixter. I’m new to the whole process of collaboration, but am hoping to get some help adding vocals and guitar/other lead instruments to my Space Bucket song. Also, I want trace how various samples can be remixed into across genres. So basically, I am really excited to join this community, experience the fruits of its collective creative endeavors, and engage in discourse regarding the artistic possibilities it opens up.

PJ Rey
permalink   Thu, Oct 16, 2008 @ 6:51 AM
Hey PJ, great to hear that you are spreading the word (!)

One thing to think about when talking about ccM is that we are not a typical “collaboration” site where small groups of musicians get together and forge new material - there are features to do that here, but it’s not done often and it really is not our strength.

Instead, in the model we are projecting here the samples, snippets and a cappellas get uploaded into the wild and the remix producers pick from the larger pool (100,000’s of sample providers vs. 4 or 5 in a “collaboration”)

Our version of collaboration is much more linear and can happen over the course of years. The samples, whether originally produced with a target scenario and context in mind or not, are much more likely to be used in highly unexpected ways.

The entire process is recursive (at ccM anyway) because here, we force the resulting remix back into the pool for further use by another generation of remixer.

Hope that makes sense… it sometimes takes a while to wrap your head around it.