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Features and cleanup

permalink   Sun, May 11, 2008 @ 2:14 PM
There’s been a couple features and some site clean up the last week, here’s a quick summary:

- You can now see exactly who recommends an upload on each upload page with a link to every thing that person has recommended*

- The ‘Create New’ playlist and ‘Remix Radio’ functionality have been removed from tabs and folded into the remix browser (see the new ‘Save to playlist’ button)

- You can now expand ZIP files in the sample browser to see what’s inside (you can’t preview them but that’s a topic for another discussion)

- We now filter out playlists with 1 or no entries (because teru said so)

- fixed some crud in our feeds so we don’t look so ugly in google reader

- probably other stuff I can’t remember right now

As always, let me know if the new stuff broke any old stuff.