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vocal .wav's for you to play with...

permalink   Tue, Feb 19, 2008 @ 9:22 PM
Hi all,
If anyone wants to do some mashups or remixes with these vocal wav’s from a new singer/songwriter, feel free:
They are under a CC non-commercial license, so have fun and please tell Mandyleigh about what you’ve done so she can link to you from her sites.
The album tracks can be heard at www.mandyleigh.com of course.
Looking forward to hearing the results :)

Oh, and there are also some free mp3 downloads at her label, but these aren’t dance tracks. If you’d like any of the vocal wav’s for any of the other songs on the album just get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

to listen to all the songs in their entirety:
permalink   Thu, Feb 21, 2008 @ 9:11 PM
I’m curious: Under the SellaBand publishing deal - is Mandyleigh allowed to give unilateral permission to have her Sellaband published songs remixed without mechanical licensing from SellaBand? Or do remixers have to worry about receiving cease and desist letters from the lawyers of Sellaband AG?

I’m asking, because last time I checked the SellaBand publishing contract (pdf), it would seem to me (I’m not a lawyer) like the artist gives up control over the publishing rights (i.e. the song writing) to SellaBand AG for all songs recorded under a Sellaband deal ( Sellaband Artist Title Agreement (pdf)).

So at least to me it would seem unclear or even doubtful whether one can legitimately publish remixes of a Sellaband published song without an appropriate license from Sellaband AG.

Or am I missing something?
permalink   G_Storm Sun, Feb 24, 2008 @ 9:28 PM
They really need to make their T&C clearer, but here are the facts:
- publishing is 60% artist, 30% SAB, 10% producer.
- artist owns the masters after 12 months of album release.
- As long as it’s non-commercial (ie under the CC license), we are free to allow people to play with the vocals etc.
- If anyone was going to sell songs with her vocals etc on, then of course SAB would want to charge a licensing fee.

We just want to hear some hot remixes and mashups… it’s fun!
permalink   spinmeister Sun, Feb 24, 2008 @ 10:19 PM
Quote: G_Storm
As long as it’s non-commercial (ie under the CC license), we are free to allow people to play with the vocals etc.

mmmhhh - how are remixers supposed to take your statement vs. the following from section 4.2 of the Sellaband AG artist publishing agreement:

Quote: 4.2 In addition to the rights of Publisher to exploit the Works the rights transferred hereunder shall include, but without limitation:

Quote: (iii) the exclusive right to make new adaptations and arrangements of the Works, to translate the lyrics thereof or provide new lyrics thereof for purposes of exploitation. All such new matter including but not limited to adaptations, arrangements, translations and new titles shall be the property of Publisher;

Unfortunately this sounds pretty unambiguous to me. The original songwriter(s) have assigned the ability to license the covered songs to Sellaband exclusively. i.e. the original song writers of the song can NOT license the songs anymore whether it be commercially or non-commercial.

I couldn’t agree more - remixing is a ton of fun - especially with good vocal tracks, such as Mandyleigh’s — but only if it’s properly licensed. And unless I see evidence of Sellaband officially licensing the publishing rights under at least a non-commercial CC license, I for one wouldn’t want to risk breaking copyright law.

I honestly mean no disrespect, but your forum post doesn’t really match up with the official language from Sellaband. I actually don’t think their T&C lack clarity — I think it just happens to contradict what you are indicating. Maybe you have gotten verbal assurances, but I think we would need more than that.

Believe me, I would be delighted and impressed if Sellaband would make it officially legal for their signed artists to feed songs into the CC remixing world.