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New sound loops needed

permalink   Tue, Jul 10, 2007 @ 1:44 PM
Hello interweb. I need help. (This is going out to a few places, as to hopefully have it picked up)

One of the games that I maintain and package for Fedora (a Linux distribution) called rocksndiamonds has a slight problem. Turns out that some of its audio files are straight copies of music which was used without permission.

Full details are here:

Rather than pull the game out of Fedora entirely, (it is pretty fun, and the music is the only real blocker) I’d like to replace the music with freely distributable music. So, this could be your big chance!

Are you a musician? Is someone you know a musician? Would you be willing to give us some music under a Creative Commons license (Attribution or Attribution-ShareAlike only)?

The music we need replacement for is:

“Czardasz” by Robert Pieculewicz, from “Czardasz”
“The Chase” by Propaganda, from “A Secret Wish”
“Twilight Painter” by Tangerine Dream, from “Heartbreakers”
“21st Century Common Man” by Tangerine Dream, from “Tyger”
“Voyager” by The Alan Parsons Project, from “Pyramid”
“Network 23” by Tangerine Dream, from “Exit”

We don’t need whole songs, just short sound samples that will endlessly loop while the game plays. The clips do not need to be long, the longest one in the above list is 14 seconds. The format needed is .wav.

The above songs are listed to give an idea for the sound we’re looking for. It needs to be something that has a clean loop, and can run for 15 minutes without making you want to destroy your computer.

If you’re willing to help, please email me (tcallawa@redhat.com). Without replacing this music, we’ll have to remove this game from the Fedora package collection.

We need samples that are under a CC license without commercial restrictions (remix permission would be ideal, but not a must).

Please email me, as I’m putting this out in a lot of places, and don’t have the time to constantly check them all.

Thanks in advance,