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review of 'lurking' by 'soulja unit' futuristic video game soundtrack.. amazing sound
review of 'je ne peux pas le retenir' by 'pierrepilou' awesome! but how to download to use in a video ? (with references of the artist me...
...an honor. first the video from you and kara and now this treat. thank you for sharing your words from your heart. very very nice [u
...[small]i think your video (also [up][/up]) helped with that impression.[/small]
review of 'firefly' by 'spinningmerkaba' i love the lyrical imagination emily! what a video this would make. and the suspense you build...
... you need to make a video of this! each component is so thoughtfully incorporated into this anthem for our time. this is an incredib
...is would make for a video of them cavorting.
review of 'as we begin again' by 'dunun_twoeyes' http://dunun.org/68164 i made a video using this music as background music. today is...
... spine as i see the video of george floyd's murder in my mind. trying to hold my breath, and i can't make it for more than 90 secon
...d and makes an 8:46 video with images from the protests. good call on the tags, they mean a lot.
...ome. enjoyed the video too.
...ere featured in our video chat today! we're all fans of your work.