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... music for film and video. the goals of the tubed by you project were: to give ccm artists more opportunities to have their music
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video sound |applied background,background_sound,ambient,mood,electronica,psychedelic,spoken_word,trance this sound list refers to projec...
...o use mixes in your video productions, [b]you already have permission for the tracks that are licensed "cc-by" only[/b]. all ot
...]gamesoundcon[/url] video game audio conference i attended in los angeles recently. download your favorite tracks by clicking o
music for video games
show/film epic,show,film,video things for shows / film and so on
...-installation/]this video[/url]. the theme of this event is “emergence” — the idea that the whole is not merely more than,
video relaxed relaxed
bsperan's favorites media,film i'm looking for tracks that could (maybe) work for videos and/or film.