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review of 'roman thing' by 'kara square' agreed. excellent bassline. highly enjoyable, chill listening.
review of 'black-eyed susan demo' by 'kara square' excellent rendition, robert. i hadn't heard this one before. it's always great to hear...
review of 'collective grief - vocals' by 'speck' excellent, as ever, your lyrics leave me with thoughts.
review of 'la baleine' by 'speck' an excellent build. totally engaging. [up][/up]
review of 'trapped beneath the waves' by 'speck' an excellent mood match for the vocal delivery. well done.
review of 'friday fish vox only' by 'kara square' beautiful. excellent, touching lyrics. thanks so much for sharing your vocal stem. 😊
review of 'healing dawn' by 'javolenus' beautifully edited, realised & focused. excellent vibe & contemplative quality. [up][/up][up][/up...
review of 'mixedsignals' by 'panu' excellent, hints of the ocean, the harbour and the shore. . .[up][/up]'s up!!!
review of 'like this one' by 'speck' excellent sample sourcing, expertly crafted into a highly enjoyable, flavorful mix. [up][/up]
...e pdf. the whole is excellent, intriguing and wonder-full ! a very successful combination of talents and forms. all the best, martin
review of 'whale watcher' by 'kara square' dig dig dig. excellent approach to groovin' with the whales!
review of 'the selkie's daughter - 5 - but oh! what beauty' by 'kara square' oh! exciting! such an epic arrangement! excellent use of sou...