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Editors' Picks

Big Girl

The masters of elegant jams bring us some cool beats with a hint of vintage feel. No doubt this jam is 100% radio-ready. See you at the Grammys! ;)
Zep Hurme

Space Chicks And Bill (with Javolenus)

by: Speck
“Space Chicks And Bill (with Javolenus)” is an outstanding jazz mix produced by Speck. With Bill Ray on the drums Javolenus on guitar and Martijn de Boer on Bass guitar it gets the right funky feeling.
Stefan Kartenberg

Tender Steps

You like it soft?! Listen to Martijn de Boers “Tender Steps”. A soulful song with Javolenus on guitar. A great soundtrack for video and film.
Stefan Kartenberg

Net Neutrality (We Stand For) - Kara Square and Piero Peluche

Surf the punk rock!!
“Net Neutrality (We Stand For)” is now a radio ready hit song. Piero Peluche created a perfect remix of Karas protest song. Lissen to it!!!
Stefan Kartenberg


Breakaway is a very soothing mix that kris_sky has put together for Snowflake’s pell.

A song to have playing while you are sitting on a deck, sipping a coffee and watching the sun peak over the horizon.

Simply beautiful.
Mana Junkie

How Can Things Get Better

by: panu
Heart-melting songwriting, love-filled delivery… this tender, yet powerful folk-song by panu was written with Siobhan Dakay’s beautiful backing track. Please take a moment to listen to this magical piece.
Kara Square


Once again Aussens@iter made an excellent production.
This is really a cool hard rock track. You would never expect Calendar Girls vocals in here. Keep listening how Aussens@iter builds up from the empty moment. Thrilling.
Siobhan Dakay
Play May

28 Aussens@iten

Give your video an uplifting, sparkling, guitar-driven backing track! Stefan Kartenberg’s remix of Aussens@iter with Gerd Kohlmeier on bass is a refreshing dose of positivity.
Kara Square

Net Neutrality Sample Pack

Your voice is important !
Usually we do not promote “Sample” packs as an Ed-Pick. But since this message provided by FMA (Big Thanks) is very important to get shouted and reach more people we promote it to make you all aware it exist.
Thanks to spinningmerkaba for creating the preview.
Siobhan Dakay

Now We Are One

Beyolie take’s SackJo22’s Now We Are One to another level with this mix. It’s a very cool sound Beyolie has here and it should be an anthem for the summer of 2017.
Mana Junkie

This Is Old

Aussens@iter is rocking the house.
With the voice of state shirt he created a wonderful rock track.
“This Is Old” is now a brandnew rock song that has it in itself.
Stefan Kartenberg

Demons Got a Hold on Me

Okay, Sherman, set the Wayback Machine to 1970’s when AM radio was king and that you can turn into one of the funkiest stations this side of the Mississippi radio.

texasradiofish has created a fantastic sound that could be a throwback to the days of yore.

It’s a freakin’ awesome ride.
Mana Junkie

Along the Lakeside

by: @nop
@nop’s sense of beat and hypnotic mixing of source blends together here in a tapestry rich with wanderlust and longing. DirtWire meets Moby “Along the Lakeside”


Airtone adds his magic to the beautiful vocals of Debenedictis and takes us back to a time when AM radio was king and a song that Stevie Nicks might have done.

Love the feel and flow of this one!
Mana Junkie

Come Back 2 Me

Tobias Weber(Aussensaiter) is a very good guitarist and producer. With the voice of song boy, he created a wonderful soul track. Listen to “Come Back 2 Me”.
Stefan Kartenberg