Momentum Secret Mixter Playlist

Editors' Picks

Just Beginning . The Six O Mix 2017

UK and the big beat
electro Euro dance feat
u ring up Emily
smartly done

A Shark Jam

Martijn be jammin’ with Javolenus and the sharks. This down home retro acoustic guitar and bass instrumental is reminiscent of burning incense in the early daze of Haight Ashbury, San Francisco.

One Life (with MykleAnthony)

Sad. Ominous. Questioning. Mana Junkie’s “One Life” remix captivates the moment we are in.


Take a listen to this love-filled, piano-drive pop duet of two renowned ccMixter vocalists: Scomber and Snowflake. The interweaving of the two vocals embodies what ccMixter is all about… this connection we share across the world.
Kara Square
Play Open

Dinosaur Bones

Abstract Audio created two versions of Kara’s “Dinosaur Bones” track.
Please make sure you listen to the D’n’B Version as well. There is a lot of trance included and listening full volume might allow you to shake up some frustrations Kara is singing about.
Siobhan Dakay

Mother Nature Healing Me

Stefan’s music and production skills shine through in this vintage, soulful, downtempo song extolling the healing powers of Mother Nature. Silke Schmiemann does an absolutely fabulous job emoting Loveshadow’s lyrics.

Absolut fabelhaft!

City Life: In the Line of Fire

A pretty neat collaboration of sounds and lyrics paints a picture of life in the streets.
Mana Junkie

Take it Easy on me Baby

Get funky! Scomber’s funk dance mash-up of Mykle Anthony’s silky smooth voice and airtone’s beautiful piano based ambient track (featuring Darkroom) is ready to bring life to any party! “Na Na Na!”
Kara Square

My Confidence

This funky groove will build your Soul confidence — as you dance to the infectious rhythm. Loveshadow has transformed The Concept of Energy’s quality pell into a club hit. Turn it up!

1, 2, 3

Don´t stop this tango. Listen to it!! Reiswerks remix of Jacindaes “1, 2, 3” is a perfect theatre soundtrack - made in Ausria.
Stefan Kartenberg

Sweet Home East Yorkshire

Some music you have to be in the right place at the right time to “get it”

Some music creates that moment and draws you in. This is one of those tracks.

You can feel the authenticity in Javolenus’ vocals. Stefan’s mix is like a pickup truck ramblin’ down a country road, and I’m sure that road from East Yorkshire runs clear around the world.


Big Girl

The masters of elegant jams bring us some cool beats with a hint of vintage feel. No doubt this jam is 100% radio-ready. See you at the Grammys! ;)
Zep Hurme

Space Chicks And Bill (with Javolenus)

by: Speck
“Space Chicks And Bill (with Javolenus)” is an outstanding jazz mix produced by Speck. With Bill Ray on the drums Javolenus on guitar and Martijn de Boer on Bass guitar it gets the right funky feeling.
Stefan Kartenberg

Tender Steps

You like it soft?! Listen to Martijn de Boers “Tender Steps”. A soulful song with Javolenus on guitar. A great soundtrack for video and film.
Stefan Kartenberg

Net Neutrality (We Stand For) - Kara Square and Piero Peluche

Surf the punk rock!!
“Net Neutrality (We Stand For)” is now a radio ready hit song. Piero Peluche created a perfect remix of Karas protest song. Lissen to it!!!
Stefan Kartenberg