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Editors' Picks

Der Mond ist aufgegangen

Spinningmerkaba says: “A lullaby that will chill your bones. Even better that I don’t speak German. Super scary!”

Not safe for kids.


I am pleased to select pumpkinSoup by airtone ( @martynbloor) as my top editorial pick for the 2017 Ghost Notes Remix event. (Congratulations to all contributors for your imaginative offerings.)

pumpkinSoup caught my ear, and then my heart, because it expresses aspects of autumn and Halloween that are too often left unexplored in favor of more cliché sonic spookiness. Here we find instead a gently rolling electronica that conjures falling leaves, an atmosphere of off balance innocence, carefree wonder, benign mystery, and cardamom spice. Following an initial section of textured sound, an easy going ostinato emerges and supports several beautifully shaped techno themes. pumpkinSoup makes use of one CCMixter sample, a sustained, amplified event called Edge of Madness by PorchCat.

I hope to make use of this remix in a forthcoming film project. I believe it would also be an excellent addition to podcasts, games, or ambient playlists.
Christine Bush

A Dream Within A Dream

Aussens@iter’s cinematic masterpiece takes us on an intense, multi-layered Edgar Allan Poe journey narrated by Kara Square and accompanied by Keisuke Matsuno, Andreas Klein, Doxent Zsigmond and Abstract Audio. Grand Theater at it’s very finest!

What the Hell?


If this song doesn’t get your toe’s tapping and your rump shakin’ I’ll eat my hat.

This is a nice little romp and I’m sure a few ghosts and goblins have got up and danced to this mix.
Mana Junkie

You Are

Soultime with Scomber.
What a wonderful souly track Scomber has created. Carefully glued Rebecca’s vocals into a solid rhythm and added Admiral Bobs guitar into a wonderful soundbed of Pads and Synthesizers… Oh..what a beauty this is.
Siobhan Dakay

House on Haunted Hill

“House on Haunted Hill” is a perfect halloween song made by Texasradiofish. With samples of Greg Baumont and Subliminal he created a wonderful scary ghost track filled with great rythem and guitar licks.
Stefan Kartenberg

persephone 2018 skyrider remix

Kris Sky’s mesmerizing remix of Snowflake’s Persephone is a fabulously chill groove. Take time to kick back and enjoy this journey in the sky.


Lucid is your soundtrack for your nightmares.

A good driving beat and Kara’s vocals makes even Freddy Kruger cringe in fear.
Mana Junkie
Play Lucid

Face the end

Upbeat and exciting apocalyptic rock! Stefan Kartenberg’s arrangement for Snowflake’s Halloween vocal has a catchy, driving 60s vibe that will have you singing along by the second chorus. “Turn and face the end!”
Kara Square

Hello Good, Hello Evil (Live in the Garden)

Frankenstein funk in the garden of good and evil. Scomber’s mix truly gets the demons dancing to the Ghost Notes!

Keep On Fighting [Urban Mix]

by: Jihfa
Jihfa creates smooth, jazzy and a bit hypnotic feel sprinkled with some urban flavouring. John Louis Kluck’s vocal track taken to the next level.
Zep Hurme

Just Beginning . The Six O Mix 2017

UK and the big beat
electro Euro dance feat
u ring up Emily
smartly done

A Shark Jam

Martijn be jammin’ with Javolenus and the sharks. This down home retro acoustic guitar and bass instrumental is reminiscent of burning incense in the early daze of Haight Ashbury, San Francisco.

One Life (with MykleAnthony)

Sad. Ominous. Questioning. Mana Junkie’s “One Life” remix captivates the moment we are in.


Take a listen to this love-filled, piano-drive pop duet of two renowned ccMixter vocalists: Scomber and Snowflake. The interweaving of the two vocals embodies what ccMixter is all about… this connection we share across the world.
Kara Square
Play Open