Editors' Picks

Otto Dangerfield 2008 - Unplugged

by: Alex
A very original and energetic mix of culture..A “Rock”, a “Rap”..we don’t know anymore..but a “Hit”…this is sure…
ditto ditto

So Oh Fish Al (UBQ SweetSour Mix)

by: Da UBQ
Music for your next outer space voyage. An excellent debut trip-hop remix by DaUBQ featuring KCentric on the mic. He’s also been kind enough to share a HIDI.

Best Friend Remix

Powerhouse production values.
George has been delivering this level of quality dance mix consistency across the web for over two years.

This has that catwalk slease that the brands will be vying for.

And after so many good mixes he’s already put out there on the web its a pleasure to pick it.


Deep, sexy grooves under silky synths makes this a great late-night chill track. gillies has been dropping this quality track for a while, it’s about time he gets the props.
Play Echo


A simple but effective use of sounds by Neurowaxx. This is my favorite Brad Sucks song. I always picture the beach when I hear it. How appropriate to have it remixed in Hawaii. : )

Nadeya (Tribal Bump Mix)

Yellowjacket blends an intercontinental tribal mix of the Nadeya vocal, a true treat for the ears.

Short Fuses Burn Long Bridges (bill berry mix)

A rock-em sock-em grungy deep mix that, combined with c. layne’s vocals tears at your gut. A great example of a match up that works on every level, from the programming on the beats to the sound textures.

What Cha Waitin 4 - DT's Dr Strangelove Mix

funky oldskul party mix, not a ground breaker but an Earth shaker that defies you to keep your neck still.

Rain Lament (Pretty Mix)

by: vo1k1
Vo1k1 paints an incredible atmosphere with Kaer Trouz’s vocal blended alongside carefully situated plucks and swells of strings.

Perfect Love

Marco Raaphorst comes up with a jazzy, chill, radio ready remix of Songboy.It’s magic for your ears.

Revenge (Mix Cuit A Four)

I find it truly inspiring that Kaer Trouz is writing, performing and producing tracks like this all on her own. I swear for a moment I thought Chrissie Hynde was singing with Underworld.


Smooth, silky, neo-soul with an electronica beat. The ghost of holidays present and past, each resembling Isaac Hayes, gather in the right and left stereo speaker to deliver a message that has heard the news of rhythm and blues and updated it into 2008’s electronica future. This one features a great use of samples to achieve a sound that might be at home in Philadelphia or Motown decades ago, or on one’s mp3 player on New Year’s Eve.

Rise again (treatment)

by: oldDog
Something clicked here and the result is a thing of beauty. A great song by Narva9 (my sister just so you know) arranged masterfully by oldDog (not my sister just so you know).

Happy Holidays!!!!

Six Feet Under (j-tine mix)

Built with a disconcerting simplicity, this remix of Jaspertine is a pure moment of emotion…Magnificent
ditto ditto

Dirty Grimey (Infected Mix)

Totally infectious injection of cool groove with a blowout of fine production techniques.

Stay still if you can.