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Editors' Picks


A simple but effective use of sounds by Neurowaxx. This is my favorite Brad Sucks song. I always picture the beach when I hear it. How appropriate to have it remixed in Hawaii. : )

Nadeya (Tribal Bump Mix)

Yellowjacket blends an intercontinental tribal mix of the Nadeya vocal, a true treat for the ears.

Short Fuses Burn Long Bridges (bill berry mix)

A rock-em sock-em grungy deep mix that, combined with c. layne’s vocals tears at your gut. A great example of a match up that works on every level, from the programming on the beats to the sound textures.

What Cha Waitin 4 - DT's Dr Strangelove Mix

funky oldskul party mix, not a ground breaker but an Earth shaker that defies you to keep your neck still.

Rain Lament (Pretty Mix)

by: vo1k1
Vo1k1 paints an incredible atmosphere with Kaer Trouz’s vocal blended alongside carefully situated plucks and swells of strings.

Perfect Love

Marco Raaphorst comes up with a jazzy, chill, radio ready remix of Songboy.It’s magic for your ears.

Revenge (Mix Cuit A Four)

I find it truly inspiring that Kaer Trouz is writing, performing and producing tracks like this all on her own. I swear for a moment I thought Chrissie Hynde was singing with Underworld.


Smooth, silky, neo-soul with an electronica beat. The ghost of holidays present and past, each resembling Isaac Hayes, gather in the right and left stereo speaker to deliver a message that has heard the news of rhythm and blues and updated it into 2008’s electronica future. This one features a great use of samples to achieve a sound that might be at home in Philadelphia or Motown decades ago, or on one’s mp3 player on New Year’s Eve.

Rise again (treatment)

by: oldDog
Something clicked here and the result is a thing of beauty. A great song by Narva9 (my sister just so you know) arranged masterfully by oldDog (not my sister just so you know).

Happy Holidays!!!!

Six Feet Under (j-tine mix)

Built with a disconcerting simplicity, this remix of Jaspertine is a pure moment of emotion…Magnificent
ditto ditto

Dirty Grimey (Infected Mix)

Totally infectious injection of cool groove with a blowout of fine production techniques.

Stay still if you can.

gently (jazz mix)

by: oldDog
oldDog drops the samba science on ccmixter as he gives Norine Braun a jazzy piano treatment.

still i

Another fuel packed rocket ride from Sleeper that takes Songboy and blasts him into a super heroes rescue mission to Mars.

"October" - Chillout / Jazz-Rock ReMiX

Downtempo soulful chill retro fun. This remix of “October” brings on the 70s feel without the 70s cliche’. It’s a good winter’s listen for a warm mood on a cold night.

Take Your Clothes Off

Loveshadow’s 3:00 am silky smooth melodic hip-hop - featuring the rhymin’ and stylin’ MsKidd provides just the right mood for cuddling with someone special by the candle light.