Rise from the Ashes Event

Editors' Picks


“We’re taking this to another level.” The opening line of “Spaceship” says it all.

Clarence Simpson brilliantly remixes a glorious pella from Guests of Nature and features Abstract Audio, urmymuse, Speck, Gurdonark, & Alex. “I’ve got space for you!”

L.T.H. (AA's Refix)

This soon-to-be-DJ-hit from Abstract Audio has undeniable rhythm, mystical dynamic, and artistry shooting straight from the root-chakra to the crown.

Add Abstract Audio’s refix of Alex Beroza (who brilliantly remixed MiC’s prolific pella) to a playlist - she’s is a MUST multiple listen!

This Moment

by: Speck
Speck is a master sonic chef with this rhythmic experiment in the underworld. ‘This Moment’ is sensually contemplative, with each sound painted creatively and intentionally by its creator.

‘This Moment’ features vocals by SackJo22 and samples/glitches from Alex Beroza, El.ector & rEVERse_servANT.

Lucy Jane

by: Jeris
Well balanced jazzy chill groove hipness from Jeris with expert weaving a panapoly of sounds — a bit of upright, a bit of brass, and the unique voice of Leza2unes.

Valle Gran Rey

With “Valle Gran Rey” Sturzstrom delivers one of those rare tracks that both provokes and draws you in; simultaneously tricky and easy listening. Its only drawback is that it’s too short of a glimpse - so put it on repeat, or better yet - look up his impressive backlog of tracks.

Emergence See 2

by: Alex
Alex’s beatnik rerub of Mind Map That’s ‘Emergence See’ (including unreal_dm) is a genre all its own. Listening opens your ears and mind!

Combining disco, breakbeat, and Mind Map’s progressive vocal, ‘Emergence See 2’ rocks!


SSimSSaengQ sensually blends rap, hip-hop, jazz, and R&B in this slow groove. Delicious. Featuring Forensic’s smooth vocals and unreal_dm’s Jazz/Blues rhythm section & piano.

When We Do

Copperhead combines a variety of voices and elements in this hip-hoppin, acoustic-swinging groove that is a must listen!

Cooperhead’s creatively cohesive arrangement features vocals from guestsofnature, Camburn and Surveillance Party, and guitars by Jim Brady and Admiral Bob.

Sugar Look

It’s the first morning of the new year. I thought I was going to start it slow. Forget that! Scott Altham brings on the new year with superbly balanced sound, richly bottomed groove, and a great blend of voices in a rousing track! Happy New Year y’all!

c4n - The Strange Sunrise

by: c4n
This track is pure, unadulterated, aural sex.
MC Jack in the Box

Auld Lang Syne

Admiral Bob just has a way of owning whatever he decides to tackle, even if that includes the standards. This mix shows complete respect for the traditional roots of the original, while giving it a fresh and unique update. Put it on your New Years playlist. It’s going on mine.
MC Jack in the Box

the wanderer

For those of us who like our ambient roasted on the dark side, septahelix has served up the perfect companion piece for the darkest (at least in the northern hemisphere) month of the year.

Put this track on repeat, pour a nice glass of something, sit back and close your eyes.

Song Of Old

by: Speck
Speck’s creative flame continues to burn unabated.
Song of Old showcases his creative, sensitive and attention-to-detail musical craftmanship, this time with valuable help from Colab and its straightforward and accessible “song concept” is a brilliant beginner’s guide to his music.
St. Paul

Surprise Me

by: Alex
After playing this jam to death while cruising down in my car, volume cranked-up on the way to appletini night with the gang, I have to report that I still haven’t gotten enough. It always has the power to “Surprise Me”. B-)
Hektor Thillet

Surprise Me

Soulfull, deep and even.. what do you want for Christmas ?
….Surprise me.