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In A Day
by Briareus
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Thu, Oct 11, 2007 @ 6:54 PM

Uses samples from:

HEKTOR THILLET (coffeeeurope)
permalink   Tue, Oct 16, 2007 @ 9:06 AM
Hey Briareus, I was sitting at my friends and I’s favorite pub the other night with a bunch o’ buds, and played your mix for everyone on the phone after checking my mail. lol granted I was a bit pissed (buzzed), sounded mad cool. Glad you can make something out of my sporadic musical moments he! he!

The treatment is very soothing to the actual lyrics as it is a pretty affecting song. The way the guitar is played has a sentiment that almost resembles the originial melody of this song (or what I can remember of it). Very fine indeed, is an honor dude. Thanks

P.S. I’ll be cutting together a music video for this. I’ll let you know when is up.
permalink   Thu, Oct 18, 2007 @ 3:36 PM
Mighty fine B! The guitar solos are so melodic and emotive. I’m jealous. I’m gonna have a go at this pella too. There is one small sync issue in
the last 2/3rds; I might mention, with the vox. When I do my version maybe I’ll discover the same problem. Anyway, I’m rambling….Nice Job.