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The V (thevmusic):

The V (thevmusic)

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For over a quarter century The V has been absorbing the sounds of the world around him. He has spent the last ten of those years making music, with assorted bands, jam groups, and on his own. The V has done it all, genre-wise, working with folk, pop, gothic-industrial, electronic, ambient, punk, metal, country, hip-hop, progressive, and experimental sounds.

As for the man behind the curtain, M. Vernon Hunt is…well, me. As far as I’m concerned, music is a living creature, forever reaching out to new environments, adapting to serve each one. I make music because I love to and because I need to. My fellow musicians know exactly what that is all about I’m sure. It’s been a lifelong love affair between me and music, and I could not continue living in a world without it.

Sing your song, even amongst those who refuse to listen.
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Sat, May 21, 2005
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