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From The Archives Of So Addictive Music(SAMG) comes the 1st album by Rich Young Fly - The Storm (AC) This Album was Written, Produced, and Engineered by Rich Young Fly for his Addictive Beats Music Group(ABMG) imprint. The album is available for purchase at and contains Hip-Hop, and R&B Blends. This Multi-Talented Artist is also C.E.O. of 3D Multimedia, Owner and Designer of RYF (Rich Young Fly) Clothing Lines and Apparel, Owner and C.E.O. of So Addictive Music, and 1 of the top Producers at Addictive Beats Music Group. His RYF Apparel can be purchased at His fashion are sure to be the Hottest Looks This Summer, and are available for Both Men and Women. These Lines include Addictive, Flygirl, Hoodlife, Shortyarider, Rich Young Boss, Legendary, and Empire Apparel. Other Lines include Psalms 23, Revelations, and Black Dragon Apparel. For Booking and other information, he can be contacted direct at 404-953-9266, or hit him up at on twitter at @richyoung_n_fly or just put Rich Young Fly in your Search Engine. His Motto is to Get Rich, Stay Young, and Live Fly., Words He Lives By. So in This Brave New World, We should all try to stay Rich Young Fly.I am - Rich Young Fly - Creator, Master Designer, & Apparel Archeitect for the RYF Brand Clothing Company, . Comprising 20 different brand titles, Created for the Citizens of the World. These Professionally Designed T-Shirts are Available Online at and you can find my New Music at My apparel is universal and is suited for everybody, ranging from my Urban Street Lines, HoodLife and Addictive, to my Corporate and Business Lines, Rich Young Boss and Young Rich Billionaires, with Brand Names, Both Worldly, RYF Empire Apparel and Kingpin Clothing, and Biblical, My Psalms 23 and Revelations Clothing Lines, and a Merchandising Line called Xposure, as well as, My Signature Brand - Rich Young Fly - To Get Rich, Stay Young, & Live Fly is my motto, and is reflected in everything I do. I am C.E.O. of both the Rich MultiMedia Inc. and 3D MultiMedia Corporations, and all of their Affiliate Operations, I am also the Founder and Executive Producer for the So Addictive Record Label and So Addictive Music Group (SAMG) and President and Executive Producer of my Addictive Beats Music Group (ABMG) Production Team. I am also a Legendary Recording Artist and Producer, who hails from Atlantic City, New Jersey. Thru out my long and illustrious career, I have worn many titles and names, Such as Big Raze,and have produced for many acts, such as D-Bear(R.I.P.), Trill Staff, and Ars & Chais Da Great. Many of y’all may know me as 3D Da Legend/Money Da Don, from 1 of 13 Street Mixtapes. I also have a Professional Album, that is available at called - All I Write Is Classics. my name is now - Rich Young Fly -, and this is the beggining of a whole new era in my development. I will soon be releasing new music under this name, and will continue to develop new business ventures, as my career continues to grow. I would like to Thank You in Advance for your purchase of my products and services, and look forward to having a great relationship with my customer base in the future. So i want y’all to remember that ( in this Brave New World, we should all try to stay Rich Young Fly.
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Tue, Jul 15, 2014
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