Reviews left by pyrex

Tue, Mar 4 8:33 AM pyrex review of Aren_t_You_Worried by Stefan Kartenberg
Hut ab sag ich gerne auch. Von dem was ich so gestern und heute von dir gehört ...
Fri, Sep 20 1:52 PM pyrex review of Beautiful Man by Admiral Bob
The bass and the drums need more power.Then it could be a perfect song! Great jo...
Wed, Jul 11 4:37 AM pyrex review of Autobiography by Steven M Bryant
Yeeeeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah,.. and thank you....
Sat, Jul 7 4:59 PM pyrex review of mag-anchormejans--London (W.Blake) by magmavander
Strange, not that what I`m normally hearing, but interessting.
Tue, Apr 3 3:35 AM pyrex review of redlightriot by sleeperspaceborn
Gut gemacht, mein Herr! Nein, sehr gut gemacht!
Fri, Dec 23 9:47 AM pyrex review of Dream of Flight by Benjamin Orth
Aha, jetz is mir alles klar:-) Sehr gute arbeit!
Fri, Dec 23 9:38 AM pyrex review of This Cage by Steven M Bryant
Its only my feeling,... but this one is more powerful. Rock on!
Wed, May 18 1:53 PM pyrex review of Dyeing by Benjamin Orth
Wow, das is ja schweinegeil, das teil. Fettes kompliment!!!!!!
Sun, Jun 20 4:32 AM pyrex review of Good to the Touch by spinmeister
Yes, a sweet song mr. meister!
Fri, May 7 4:07 AM pyrex review of Winter Comes (The End) - (DURDEN ver.) by DURDEN
First of all, thank you... This rocksong is exactly what I like. A song gettin...
Sat, Mar 20 3:15 AM pyrex review of Winter Coat by ScOmBer
I was waiting for more action (guitar-riffs?) in the me the song has the...
Tue, Mar 9 3:39 AM pyrex review of Chase sequence by Fireproof_Babies
Thx, and yes I agree with the 3 reviewers, to my ears it could be 1 or 2 min....
Mon, Feb 15 4:17 PM pyrex review of Harmony by wellman
Congratulation, I`m also trying to do something with this pella, but now I´m de...
Sat, Jan 9 4:04 PM pyrex review of Future Shock by Alex
I was waiting for more "action" in the end, but anyway, a good song, good work!
Fri, Nov 13 12:36 PM pyrex review of Winter Sunlight by 3rd attempt
A geat track with an incredible beginning, the only thing i miss, is a little sa...