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Reviews left for polyplus

Mon, Jan 22 10:21 PM spinningmerkaba review of Blinded by you by polyplus
Tubular and wet and oozing out of the headphones with swirling sounds that wrap ...
Mon, Jan 22 9:09 AM Kara Square review of Blinded by you by polyplus
Cool glitchy hip-hop. BIG sound.
Wed, Jan 17 10:02 AM spinningmerkaba review of Could be by polyplus
This mix "could be" playing on every DJ's deck. Or "should be" is more accurate...
Tue, Jan 16 12:13 PM Snowflake review of Could be by polyplus
very nice down-tempo mix that beautifully highlights jenny's pell. should be on ...
Tue, Nov 21 7:58 AM RizKeyG review of Two Turntables and a Microphone by polyplus
Smooth one !
Wed, May 31 10:58 PM Quarkstar review of Bass In Your Face by polyplus
Great elements.
Fri, May 19 8:47 AM Quarkstar review of Broken by polyplus
Ennio Morricone? in a good way.
Wed, May 10 4:49 AM Speck review of Inside Hope / Outside Chaos by polyplus
Cool sounds, clean production, intriguing build. Much enjoyed.
Sat, Jan 14 2:42 AM Speck review of Detachment by polyplus
Nice one. Super chill with excellent vocal integration.
Fri, Jan 13 3:15 PM Darkroom review of Detachment by polyplus
Plenty of atmospheric mood here that somehow ties everything together nicely.
Fri, Jan 13 12:12 PM spinningmerkaba review of Detachment by polyplus
Sultry and looming like clouds after a winter rain. The multi-layered effects, ...
Sun, Nov 6 12:56 AM texasradiofish review of polyplus feat. FORENSIC - Rugged by polyplus
Rugged soup, P Interesting combination of electro music and rap. Rhythmically t...