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oscilloID is the electronic music solo project from the the musician and sound designer Lucas Miranda.
Born in Belo Horizonte, Lucas started his sound experiments studying classic guitar and musical theory in the early 90`s, just about the beginning of the internet phenomena.
A couple years later, fascinated by the vintage vinyl album collection of his family, he started his musical research as a DJ. This research was later increased with the new music industry M.O. and by the agile internet dynamics. The taste and the pleasure with electronic music were developed ever since the beginning of this research.
Accounting his hearings and ears as his most important and useful tools, he started his experiences in digital music in the middle 90`s, generating synthetic sounds combined with recorded “micro-samples”, in a cut and paste process. Among with all the other adventurers beginning in Brazil at this particular time, he utilized very simple editing softwares.
This adventure gradually became routine and, consequently, his work career around sound.
Lucas is, nowadays, sound designer, Soundtrack producer, researcher of technologies applied to music. He also teaches musical creation and production in digital environment.
His favourite hardwares: his loyal laptop, a MIDI multi-controller and his Wii Remote.
His favourite softwares: Ableton Live, Ixi Quarks, Pure Data, Cycling 74 Pluggos and hundreds and hundreds of freeware AU and VST plugins.
oscilloID uprose within all this proccess. The musical research, the unstopping and gasping research on hardware and software. The oscilations between languages and several techniques, the dancefloor and the family Sunday lunches, the Tai Chi and the puns, the adiction on movies and the umbanda, the phonographic industry transmutation and the information burst on the web, the “mouse-fingering” and the “guitar-sequencing”, the free software and the comunities, the kung-fu and the bohemic lifestyles, the love for the family and for the friends… the will to express through the sonorous pulsation, the spirit of a musical ID in constant development and transformation.
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