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Reviews left by narva9

Sun, Sep 6 9:34 AM narva9 review of Everything Looks Different ( In Fra RED ) by Loveshadow
Very retro 80's. I love it! Thanks for sharing.
Sun, Sep 6 9:32 AM narva9 review of peacefulness of apathy (dogmix) by oldDog
So let me get this straight... for the last 42 years I have been dancing natural...
Sun, Sep 6 9:28 AM narva9 review of Never by CiggiBurns
Thank you so much for brining this song to life! It would have never seen the li...
Sun, Sep 6 9:25 AM narva9 review of Bad Attraction (Live at the ccM Convention) by Scomber
Okay I'm really late to the party...and oh what fun I seem to have missed. The c...
Sun, Sep 6 9:22 AM narva9 review of Lully Lullay Light Jazz Mix by unreal_dm
Sun, Sep 6 9:18 AM narva9 review of Walking Dead in Infrared by Fireproof_Babies
For some reason this reminds me of a distorted St. Elmo's Fire (David Foster)......
Sun, Sep 6 9:15 AM narva9 review of Wait (V's Liquid Danger Mix) by Vidian
Oh my so much fun. What a wonderful mix ;-) n9
Sun, Sep 6 9:12 AM narva9 review of Just Breath by Alex
gorgeous in so many ways - n9
Sun, Sep 6 9:05 AM narva9 review of Drift by morgantj
Thank you for providing this beautifully jarring piece for my Sunday morning lis...
Sun, Sep 6 9:01 AM narva9 review of Heroes / Analogpartisans Edit by BOCrew
I love this SuziQ poem. It is so powerful. I love the smooth groove you've creat...
Sun, Sep 6 8:58 AM narva9 review of c'est rien by delmo
I like the contrast between B's warm vocals and the electro funk :-) Very nice l...
Sun, Sep 6 8:56 AM narva9 review of Tell us where you have been by remaxim
I agree with Wellman... much too short. But very lovely. Thank you. PS - and ...
Wed, Aug 12 8:30 PM narva9 review of Small Back Room - Space Station Mix by MC Jack in the Box
I think you hit the motherlode. Space, earthy, simply divine. n9
Wed, Aug 12 8:29 PM narva9 review of Small Back Room a cappella by CiggiBurns
Lovely words. lovely voice. Lovely loverly lovely. n9 FYI - stumbled here via ...
Tue, Aug 11 8:16 PM narva9 review of Perfume (GE Music Box Mix) by George_Ellinas
Oh so beautiful. Innocent, delicate and sublimely sad. It is very very perfect. ...