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latopa (latopa_zm):

Reviews left by latopa

Mon, Oct 19 3:35 PM latopa review of Baby don't be shy by Scomber
Old cats
Mon, Oct 19 3:33 PM latopa review of That'd B U by Loveshadow
patience and, music maker
Sun, Oct 18 12:29 PM latopa review of Der Flugel Und Der Wobble by Speck
translation of the title speckos. again, the music always interesting
Sat, Oct 17 4:19 PM latopa review of SHORTY GOT CAUGHT by THE_CONCEPT_OF_ENERGY
instinct hit!!!!
Sat, Oct 17 4:08 PM latopa review of Last Run FLA by panu
Not your last run PNgreat music
Sat, Oct 17 4:03 PM latopa review of So You Know by Stefan Kartenberg
in the pocket
Sat, Oct 17 3:59 PM latopa review of In Peace (SAW mix w/stems) by stellarartwars
Sella W as won a battle:) A great adventure you did to follow the chords (voi...
Sat, Oct 17 3:43 PM latopa review of Beat down babylon by Stefan Kartenberg
SK, i did not like this mix. In-staid of saying nay or nothing. Kudos for you...
Sat, Oct 17 3:32 PM latopa review of Fake It by unreal_dm
The real deal...every time @ ccm
Sat, Oct 17 3:30 PM latopa review of Rugged by Kruzzial
you gots the mojo for the forensic style laid back beat (arrangement) with a qua...
Wed, Oct 14 12:44 PM latopa review of Music Is Magic by Stefan Kartenberg
the title says it all, the music you did is your magic SK...tks for the music @ ...
Wed, Oct 14 12:25 PM latopa review of Sioreysis by Speck
Sioreysis? My google friend says..nothing. Speckos you just deliver every ...
Wed, Oct 14 12:15 PM latopa review of Dos platos y un microfono by Kruzzial
Cruzao! attitude and musicianship with KCgreat groovymola mix
Wed, Oct 14 12:10 PM latopa review of My Mental Stay by @nop
introspective and worked arrangement music
Tue, Oct 13 1:32 PM latopa review of Hey The Holidays (SAW mix + stems) by stellarartwars
Wacky,surreal. Was in the mood to chill on this onethe mix complements between y...