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Tue, Dec 8 1:10 PM latopa review of Hot Yoga by panu
Brings me back to the CCM music i grew up with. Just super wicked that you manag...
Sun, Dec 6 1:52 PM latopa review of One Step (Funky Mix) by CSoul
The bass from Headhunters:) fn groove CS
Sun, Dec 6 1:39 PM latopa review of Release The Fear (keep trying) by Speck
Release your (mixes) music and talent! WTF...Speckos...Can not believe a prod...
Sun, Dec 6 1:17 PM latopa review of Rap in the 80s by madimpactunit
Keep your creative flame...reminds me of the David Byrne & Eno Ghost music.[/up ...
Sat, Dec 5 3:14 PM latopa review of Drill A Mellow J by fourstones
random hit...2015
Sat, Dec 5 3:07 PM latopa review of Anyway You Want It by texasradiofish
The missing tune in the cantina in Star Wars:)
Sat, Dec 5 2:48 PM latopa review of Filter by stellarartwars
You are getting better and better with your mixes ps:not an arrogant complime...
Fri, Dec 4 2:34 PM latopa review of Mirror by Stefan Kartenberg
Just great sensitive heartfelt and hears you give to your mixes SK Great blend ...
Thu, Dec 3 7:26 PM latopa review of Stronger But Lightly by Speck
you have a chaos theory of music, that is beyond me (us)...
Thu, Dec 3 7:18 PM latopa review of Falling Backwards by Stefan Kartenberg
You have hears (arrangement) that give Mr Yesterday a listen...
Thu, Dec 3 7:09 PM latopa review of Iยดm not the one by Stefan Kartenberg
The cat(s) of CCM... SK, Kudos to your constant musicianship you share @ CCM,...
Thu, Dec 3 6:53 PM latopa review of On the Earth by madimpactunit
While i study, i like to listen to ccm. This is a Kubrick discotheque dance tune...
Fri, Nov 27 2:30 PM latopa review of Most Of The World by Speck
"Most Of The World" ...should listen.
Mon, Nov 23 3:14 PM latopa review of Change Something by Speck
To magic, Speckos, you are a true magician with these mixes
Sun, Nov 22 2:26 PM latopa review of Hello? by Speck