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spinningmerkaba (jlbrock44):

Reviews left by spinningmerkaba

Sun, Dec 13 7:19 PM spinningmerkaba review of My Longing Christmas Memories by gurdonark
Beautiful mix G. Your talent is emotionally subtle and deep like a sill lake.
Sun, Dec 13 7:15 PM spinningmerkaba review of Kung Fu Xaphoon by septahelix
This one is easy to get lost in...like my imagination of what an exotic marketpl...
Sun, Dec 13 7:09 PM spinningmerkaba review of Dub Junkie by bangcorrupt
Irie! With a hot cup of coffee! Love the envelope filter solo too.
Sun, Dec 13 7:07 PM spinningmerkaba review of Alone Together by Jonatha Chance
You had me at gistorted keyboards.
Tue, Nov 24 8:03 AM spinningmerkaba review of Veni Creator Spiritus by Admiral Bob
This will receive a lot of attention this holiday season I suspect!
Thu, Oct 22 8:57 AM spinningmerkaba review of The Cleansing Chains by Stefan Kartenberg
The way you use the guitar parts (and actually the whole arrangement) to build t...
Thu, Oct 22 8:54 AM spinningmerkaba review of Le Graoully passe à la toussaint by Bluemillenium
I could not stand still, I was found and lured into a trance. Now I dance with t...
Fri, Oct 16 8:16 AM spinningmerkaba review of Seven Doors to the River by texasradiofish
I'm a fan of your radio show style mixes, love it! It's an eerie sound collage ...
Thu, Oct 15 12:21 PM spinningmerkaba review of Crawling Back To The Sea by Radioontheshelf
I think your mix goes great with Panu's. Both have a western flavor to them, ha...
Thu, Oct 15 12:15 PM spinningmerkaba review of The Apocalypse Is Ubiquitous On Netflix by Speck
Netflix or the news? Fake or real? I guess the scary part is not knowing. You...
Thu, Oct 15 12:09 PM spinningmerkaba review of We Are The Dead by Speck
Listening to your mix was extra cool for me, because of the contrast to the remi...
Thu, Oct 15 12:00 PM spinningmerkaba review of Halloween Trap by Dysfunction_AL
You nailed the coffin shut on this one!
Thu, Oct 15 11:58 AM spinningmerkaba review of Lenses of Shadows (ft Apophysia) by SackJo22
With incantations that swirl mystery and expectation, Sackjo22 takes us beyond w...
Thu, Oct 15 11:51 AM spinningmerkaba review of scarey song by BeatMachine
A great soundtrack for a virtual carnival, where who knows what lurks in the sha...
Thu, Oct 15 11:49 AM spinningmerkaba review of Howl e'en by Speck
Spooky Speck! Something wicked this way comes.