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Reviews left by i2b

Fri, Dec 31 12:02 PM i2b review of i2bx2or3 by Speck
Very cool Speck! Total mayhem...I like the composite rhythm lick at the beginnin...
Tue, Dec 21 10:17 PM i2b review of JustCajon4Z by error404
Super funky!
Thu, Dec 16 5:32 PM i2b review of Locked the door by Morusque
Woah...this is just so cool :)
Mon, Dec 13 8:42 PM i2b review of know me by Adisa McKenzie
Nice one...very original and technically sophisticated.
Mon, Dec 13 8:39 PM i2b review of Auld Lang Syne by Admiral Bob
Oh the horribly electronic things I will be doing to this over the holidays :P ...
Tue, Nov 9 7:16 PM i2b review of Oh Ma Belle by Admiral Bob
This has been said, like, 22 times already: great job. You took an inspired jam ...
Tue, Nov 9 6:54 PM i2b review of It Is the Hour (Get Up) by Snowflake
Beautiful production. Immersive and surreal. I really enjoyed the breakdown wher...
Sat, Oct 9 11:22 PM i2b review of Quit 'Em Good (Acapella) by Admiral Bob
I really liked the harmonies on the back track!
Wed, Aug 4 9:58 PM i2b review of Shy quiet by Cybarflint sound almost exactly like Esthero on this one...
Mon, Jun 21 6:52 PM i2b review of Bitter 16 by ThirteenthMonkey
This is really unique! A solid groove and a fascinating vocal treatment.
Sun, Jun 20 8:58 PM i2b review of STOP (GOGEO MIX) by Vidian
Go Geo! Wow, you turned a few hollow samples into a really Big sound. Nice work!
Sun, Jun 20 12:10 PM i2b review of If I by onlymeith
This is a wonderful soundscape...Reminds me, fondly, of Delerium. Nice work!