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Mike Feast (djmikefeast_2):

Mike Feast (djmikefeast_2)

About Me
DJ Producer since 2007, with themes like ”Trip Of Night”, ”Love Ray” and the acid beats of ” Elektro Travel”. Feast produced his sets and distribute them at several pages and servers, mixing stuff from other musiccians in the Home Label Free music .

In 2007 begun his creations with pure experiments at mixings sets, exploring sounds and managing DAWS just to find the perfection in the sound.

His first cycle of 30 dj sets was played at that year with the common name ” The Sessions ”. The second cycle and the current one is called Koral Sensations. In this type of sets were born tracks like ” Nova Shot Stream ”, the remixed voice of Colin Mutchler ” India Shaning ” and the beauty experiment progressive track ” Es Tarde ” featuring Silvia O’s voice.

Once again by now involved with music. He’s working with other musiccians in the Project ” Babel sin fronteras ”.

His main objective is create the dance atmosphere to the audience and let them fly and dance.
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Thu, Aug 30, 2007
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