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Reviews left by copperhead

Sat, Oct 18 6:44 AM copperhead review of To Free Me by Ivan Chew
Fantastic backing track to support Sackjo's vox/poem.
Sat, Oct 18 6:40 AM copperhead review of Metal Heads by reiswerk
Very nice rendition of this.
Sat, Oct 18 5:18 AM copperhead review of That's The Way by wrenchbiscuit
Thanks for the remix. Nicely done.
Sat, Oct 18 5:16 AM copperhead review of Hey, Fuget About It by texasradiofish
You like to make light of my stems :) Thanks for the clever remix.
Fri, Oct 17 6:10 PM copperhead review of All of the World by Snowflake
Really stellar Sounds like another winner.
Thu, Oct 16 7:40 PM copperhead review of Luv A little Blue Glass Shoe by Speck
This is great Speck and interesting. Would it be possible to get a mix of bass ...
Wed, Oct 15 5:27 PM copperhead review of A Jam With Copperhead by Levihica
Excellent production work on this! Everything is crisp and grooving. Thanks for ...
Tue, Oct 14 7:15 PM copperhead review of U Help me Take it in by Loveshadow
I like the way you constructed hooks from Sackjo's vocals and added vocals.
Tue, Oct 14 7:10 PM copperhead review of History & Chemistry by unreal_dm
Is this a Berry Gordy production? Really really nice.
Tue, Oct 14 7:00 PM copperhead review of Modern Love by Alex
Nice vision on this Alex. Great dance tune yet it's very open.
Mon, Oct 13 4:12 PM copperhead review of Dream of Flight (Levihica Remix) by Levihica
You have all the stems working seamlessly. Thanks for including me. $5 to ccmix...
Sun, Oct 12 7:55 PM copperhead review of Breathe the Sun by Snowflake
Oh WOW! I love this. It's real close to the Path of Glass remix I did. My mic is...
Sun, Oct 12 2:36 PM copperhead review of 247 by Zep Hurme
Impeccable interpretation of the vox. Has a police feel to it.
Sun, Oct 12 2:35 PM copperhead review of Two 4 Seven Vocals by Loveshadow
Dam good!
Sun, Oct 12 2:28 PM copperhead review of Memoirs by Aussens@iter
Fantastic backing track. Thanks for the stems. Quick tip: try a fade over the ha...