Reviews left by copperhead

Sun, Oct 26 7:16 AM copperhead review of Badabing Badaboom by texasradiofish
How did you do this so fast? Would be a good movie track for mobsters that were ...
Sun, Oct 26 1:49 AM copperhead review of The Language of Badabing Badaboom by SackJo22
This is awesome Susan! haha Everything flows nicely: melodies, harmonies, prod...
Fri, Oct 24 2:10 PM copperhead review of Connect the World by Scomber
It's incredible how diverse all the remixes of the pell are. Nice vision on this...
Fri, Oct 24 2:07 PM copperhead review of Waiting for the morning bus by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
The more one works at something the better one gets. I can definitely hear your ...
Thu, Oct 23 5:47 PM copperhead review of Straight to the Light (the gratitude mix) by SackJo22
Your vocals are top shelf as always and I like it acoustically as well. It lets ...
Tue, Oct 21 3:47 PM copperhead review of Money To Burn by unreal_dm
You definitely took this to another level. Nice chord changes to expand it more....
Mon, Oct 20 6:58 PM copperhead review of Your Mask by Snowflake
Nice interaction between Michael and you. The drums hold it together and the arr...
Mon, Oct 20 2:54 PM copperhead review of Remember this by mullion
beautiful musicianship on your piano and bass tracks, drums are very cool too. ...
Sun, Oct 19 7:34 PM copperhead review of Only Sometimes by Jeris
Really grooves!
Sun, Oct 19 7:28 PM copperhead review of Ghosts of Lees by Hans Atom
Sounds great Hans. A blast from the past.
Sun, Oct 19 10:27 AM copperhead review of Trust Your Heart by Patronski
I'm really impressed what you did here Patronski. It's a piece I could loop and ...
Sat, Oct 18 6:50 AM copperhead review of All of the World by keytronic
Love the organic feel to this. Flows nicely.
Sat, Oct 18 6:47 AM copperhead review of Only Sometimes by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Top notch neo track. Flows brilliantly.
Sat, Oct 18 6:44 AM copperhead review of To Free Me by Ivan Chew
Fantastic backing track to support Sackjo's vox/poem.
Sat, Oct 18 6:40 AM copperhead review of Metal Heads by reiswerk
Very nice rendition of this.