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Good Humor (bun_onoe):

Good Humor (bun_onoe)

About Me
Bun Onoe
Poet, Artist

Bun Onoe is a poet, artist of Tokyo, Japan, who has made new styles of Japanese Poetry Reading. He was discovered by Ryuichi Sakamoto in 1986, where he won 1st prize in an FM Radio competition. He has recorded 2 poetry reading albums and has published 2 poetry books.
Bun is also a member of Talk-Rap group, ‘Boy Meets Girl’, having released 7 albums until now.

Crafts [Discography / Books]

1. Talk Rap Group ‘Boy Meets Girl’
Bun Onoe (poetry), Shinobu Imai (compose)

Mini Albums
“Boy Meets Girl 1” (Midi)
“Boy Meets Girl 2”(Midi)
“Boy Meets Girl 3” (Midi)

Best Selection Album (DoubleCD)
“Boy Meets Girl : All Story Music” (Midi)
“Boy Meets Girl : Home Grown” (Midi)
4th Original Album “Sure, So Which Language Do You Prefer?” (Midi)
5th Original Album “Children Scissors” (Midi)

2. Bun Onoe Solo CD
Debut Mini Album”They’re All Coming Back” (Kitty)
Bun Onoe Solo Album “Cubissts Of A Family Restaurant” (Midi)

3. Bun Onoe Poetry Book
“Zebra Man Life Sketch” (Kadokawa Publishing Co.)
“We Go Searching For A Rest” (Shichosha Publishing Co.)

Short Stories
The Gift From The Iguana (Kadokawa magazine)
Answering Machine (Kadokawa magazine)


Artist, Poetry Reading & translation

I spent most of my childhood in Chicago and New York City, and started music after I returned to Japan. I came back to Japan at age twelve, and the differences between the two cultures built the basis of my thoughts. In my American classroom were African, Phillipino, Israeli, Dutch, Korean, Chinese … children with different cultural backgrounds. It was a powerful environment, and I thought I saw a somewhat ideal society. I like putting myself in an atmosphere with conflicting personalities and sense of values, hopefully creating much greater harmony. Because it’s more of a challenge. And besides, it’d be boring if we were all the same.
I hope to abolish the many borders - like gender, age, and nationalities.
Member since
Sun, Feb 25, 2007
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