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At only 22 years young, Caine is not only a rapper but an entrepreneur from Vancity that capitalized on hustling. Teaming up with The Game’s official DJ, Nu Jerzey Devil, Caine plans on releasing, ‘The Real Deal,’ a mixtape that will reach everyone from the streets to the internet. By having local to international features and production, fans will appreciate CD giveaways live at concerts to purchasing mp3’s online. While on his grind in 2005, Caine formed a group with two other artists called 778. Club promoters and labels were in shock of the immediate success. Doing shows at nearly every hip-hop venue in Vancouver and by selling thousands of mixtapes, Caine was recognized by Joe Budden’s partner, DJ On Point, and was asked to do a solo mixtape named, ‘Choose Up.’ This created a huge buzz across the U.S. and Canada. Caine started to receive hundreds of email’s and phone calls for cameo’s in music videos, collaborations and interviews. With the credibility Caine has established and so many years ahead of him, this is only the beginning of a movement. ‘Stacks in the bank/ gas in the tank/ racks in the safe/ man I’m actually caked!’ On top of his game, and still not at his prime, Caine is a lyrical phenom yet business savvy. With a classic series of mixtapes in the making and his goal capturing personality, you can rely on Caine to set new trends and surprise his listeners with upcoming dvd’s, albums, radio singles and club hits!
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