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Jeris (VJ_Memes):

Reviews left by Jeris

Sat, Sep 27 3:17 PM Jeris review of The Penguin Dictionary Of Ancient History by Doxent Zsigmond
Very cool...sounds like something from a Real World record
Wed, Sep 17 11:12 AM Jeris review of Sexy Guitar for Sexy Dubstep by HEJ31
Nice...this should get sampled a lot :)
Wed, Sep 17 11:11 AM Jeris review of We are Electric (A Sexy Dubstep) by SackJo22
That's my new pole-dancing song :D
Sun, Sep 14 7:27 PM Jeris review of New Earth by copperhead
Wow, this couldn't be any thicker...just a wall of sound. I bet this would peel ...
Sat, Sep 13 9:15 PM Jeris review of A Day Like This by Aussens@iter
Awesomeness...love it! Congrats on the Pick!
Sat, Sep 13 2:01 AM Jeris review of Music Connects Us (comment snippets from Jeris' remix) by Zep Hurme
I might be a sick puppy....but you're a MADMAN!!! This is hilarious and devil...
Fri, Sep 12 11:24 AM Jeris review of Roll Call 01 by Speck
Wed, Sep 3 6:25 AM Jeris review of A New Never by Speck
This is great, Speck! Nice chill and sophisticated acid jazz mix!, thanks for re...
Sun, Aug 31 10:26 PM Jeris review of City Life by Zep Hurme
Yeah..if that's not an Ed Pick I don't know what is...lol. Nice job. Could be a ...
Sun, Aug 31 10:22 PM Jeris review of Born Limp by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Awesome...yes, this is art!
Sun, Aug 31 6:27 PM Jeris review of Park in the morning by simdh85
Sat, Aug 30 9:06 AM Jeris review of Red Queen .... by VickyDan
Another great composition...congrats on the pick!
Thu, Aug 28 7:57 PM Jeris review of Is These What You Felt by IDzeroNo
Wooo...this is nice!
Thu, Aug 28 1:22 PM Jeris review of O My Beloved Father by CiggiBurns
That's great...one of my favorites! Now we know where you get it from : )
Thu, Aug 28 7:25 AM Jeris review of The Hurricane Reggae by Zep Hurme