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Pamela Lockhart (TwistedHRT_PamelaLockhart):

Pamela Lockhart (TwistedHRT_PamelaLockhart)

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I’m a Struggling Vocalist Striving to make it in a world were So Many Don’t,Like Everyone who has Music Pumping through their Vains I just can’t go to long without hearing it,Singing it Or Playing it:-P. I Moves from SCOTLAND”GREAT BRITIA N ” To AMERICA with my Mother & siblings in 1994,I was 14yrs old,At 16 a Show Called Star Search came to Knoxville Th & I was a contestant..Came in 1st & Had gotten a Offer from Lorretta Lynn’s Producer “Bruce”..a lot was going on in my life at the time so I unfortunately didn’t get to take it :-( & Have wondered “What If” Ever Since,I’ve been with a few Bands over the yrs but None of them were Truely Serious about their Music & Never wanted to Leave the Basement ” Even when I got US a Gig” I Write song’s &They are Really good,Have Had People cry to the lyrics,But they Only wanted to perform cover song’s, I would LOVE to find a Band I Can Mesh with & swap Ideas & That are just as SERIOUS&Focused as I am about Putting in the effort & work that it takes to be Noticed because Eventually it will pay off when the Right person hears The Music:-D. Hit me up in my page or email me if Intrested at. TwistedHRT@gmail.com
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Sat, Jan 30, 2016
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