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Stefan Reh alias who was born near Rostock is a typical northern light. Somewhat quiet,
cautious and always courteous but in the right spot at the right time also forceful and
determined. This is rather something cool in a sense that kind of born northern is broken by
his creative quest. From a young age he began to express himself through music and the way
led him steadily upward. For some time the DJ craft has been a rather active but quite
successful pastime. But with his move to Berlin he wanted more. He quickly adapted to the
Berlin culture as though there was a nearly seamless transition between Rostock and Berlin.
Soon the time had then come for a decision which had to be made because the music took
more and more time. Without further ado he quit his steady job and began training as an
Audio Engineer. Through this he was able to gain new experiences, contacts and most
importantly knowledge. After his final one led to another. Due to his very own style of music
which is composed of a mixture of Deep and Techhouse, his very good quality in
producing “Grossstadtvögel” and “Karmaloft” noticed him and signed him as an artist. He is not however
satisfied with his already good range of creative musical work. In addition to being a
producer, DJ and Liveact, he has began training as a sound designer to satisfy his experimental side
and may be able to get into the film and television business. So if you are looking for a music
loving, experimental, flexible, enthusiastic but also equally responsible and uncomplicated
artist, is Stefan always a good advice.
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Wed, Jul 30, 2014
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