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Mon, Jan 2 12:50 PM Vidian review of Ascenion by Supercollide
Maybe, but definitely beautiful :D
Sat, Dec 10 5:18 PM Wired Ant review of Ascenion by Supercollide
Would agree that this piano can evoke ambient feelings (hope vs. sadness). Maybe...
Sat, Nov 5 3:00 PM Wired Ant review of You're Not Going Anywhere (Remix Cover) by Supercollide
I read your "How I did it" - sounds really like an awesome talented young man! ...
Sat, Nov 5 6:56 AM Admiral Bob review of Acoustic Overlap Melodic Riff by Supercollide
It is very nice, but you need to upload those parts separately. Samples must com...
Wed, Sep 14 11:19 AM Snowflake review of Impossible Wood Bass Riff (High) (With Reverb) by Supercollide
Thu, Sep 1 11:07 AM Ivan Chew review of Acoustic Heavy Rock by Supercollide
I love playing heavy sounding riffs on the acoustic too. Am considering how to r...
Thu, Aug 18 5:56 PM ozjthomas review of Tears On The Ivory by Supercollide
I really liked this and used as background in my video/poem. Thanks, man.
Mon, Aug 15 12:56 PM septahelix review of Tears On The Ivory by Supercollide
this is great. you've got the bpm up too. another thing I've noticed about you...
Sat, Jul 23 2:14 PM septahelix review of Distorted ElecGuitar Riff (Deadened) by Supercollide
good job. you need to start using a click track and posting the Beats Per Minut...
Mon, Jul 18 7:59 AM Ivan Chew review of Melodic Guitar Riff (D, A, E, G) (With Flange) by Supercollide
Hey, I love it that there are more guitar stems uploaded here. BTW, I've learned...
Thu, Jul 14 12:11 AM ScOmBer review of Piano Riff 3 by Supercollide
I like this series of piano uploads youve done. Any chance of uploading a midi f...
Wed, Jul 13 12:29 AM septahelix review of Piano Riff 2 by Supercollide
from a sampling pov, i like the the sustained notes in this and the sound qualit...
Tue, Jul 12 3:27 PM CSoul review of Borderline (Cover Remix) by Supercollide
simple and nice.i liked it , myself. peace