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Sat, Feb 20 1:08 AM Rey Izain review of Drink To The Pretty Djembe Noise by Speck
I like that it started a little like a scene from one of my favourite films (the...
Sat, Feb 13 9:43 AM Rey Izain review of Knowledge is The Power by texasradiofish
YES jazz with a touch of the islands...THIS is superb and deserves a place on a ...
Sat, Feb 13 9:40 AM Rey Izain review of Too Broken by Admiral Bob
Feels live...great production and your usual superb guitar
Sat, Feb 13 9:38 AM Rey Izain review of Ersatz (SAW mix w/stems) by stellarartwars
Such a great feel...loved it
Sat, Feb 13 9:32 AM Rey Izain review of The Writer by myvanillaworld
Simply beautiful...I loved remixing your vocal...great work and clearly thorough...
Thu, Feb 11 3:32 PM Rey Izain review of I Only Want You by Duco
Great fun to use your rap and be given a chance to remix it. Thanks for putting ...
Sun, Feb 7 1:37 AM Rey Izain review of Gods And Gladiators by Speck
Great work Speck bro Reminded me of a more sombre of Suicide Is Painless (Mani...
Sun, Feb 7 1:29 AM Rey Izain review of welcome to the crazydome by latopa
I might sound odd but I'm just writing what I immediately felt as I heard the so...
Sun, Feb 7 1:19 AM Rey Izain review of Li'l Rosey by texasradiofish
One of my favourite mixes on CCMixter...This is rockin' son
Sun, Feb 7 1:17 AM Rey Izain review of Pandemonium by reiswerk
Really good mix...nice balance that gives the rap room to breath...I'd of probab...
Sun, Feb 7 1:14 AM Rey Izain review of Kingdom Warrior by reiswerk
Another one with you and Duco that works really well
Sun, Feb 7 1:11 AM Rey Izain review of Love is the Funk ft. Duco by reiswerk
Cool trip hop you've introduced me to another rapper that's got som...