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With so many different designs and materials today, choosing the right material for your outdoor living area is one of the most significant decisions you will have to make when planning to put up one. The type of material you would choose, as an example, defines the character of your backyard or garden. The following are some examples of different materials used for patio flooring:

1. Stone Flooring
Stone is readily obtainable and comes in many varieties and forms, and, as a material for patio flooring, nothing can compare to its natural look, aside from that, it is admired for both its durability and beauty. You can choose large stones as the core for your patio and small stones that can be fitted together to create paths and other surfaces, it just depends on the look or feel that you want to achieve for your patio. The only downside is that it costs more compared to other materials

2. Brick Flooring
Using bricks as a material is ideal for small patios as it is used for the floor surface. They come in a variety of colors and the surface comes with smooth or rough textures. One disadvantage is that, bricks are prone to damage because of weather changes.

3. Concrete Flooring
If you are planning to create a patio with a limited budget this is a good choice, probably because it is one of the most cost effective material there is. Although it’s not the most attractive choice, it can definitely provide the function and durability. Aside from the materials, you might want to invest in a patio cover kit to provide shade during times of heavy sunlight or moderate rain. The pergola kits USA sell high quality patio cover kits, to check their designs go here For tips and tricks on how to create your cost-effective patios and other helpful information check out their blog at this link for more details

The following are different materials used in building pergolas:

1. Wood
Probably the most common medium for pergolas, it is durable and looks really attractive especially with ancestral houses. It is available in many forms such as California redwood, Cedar, Douglas fir, and Eastern Pine. Pergola Kits USA sell unique pergola kits made out of wood, to check out their cedar pergola kit and other elegant designs go here

2. Steel
A pergola kit that is made from steel is impressively durable and long lasting, although they offer a very different look compared to other materials.

3. Fiberglass
Ideal for upscale homes with a modern or contemporary touch. Fiberglass pergolas are lightweight but are still extremely durable that it requires no internal support and can support itself.

4. Vinyl or Plastic
Pergolas made out of vinyl have very long life spans, it can be altered to fit many circumstances, can be painted easily, very resistant to weather, and do not require that much maintenance.

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