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Project 1 (Project1):

Project 1 (Project1)

About Me
Project 1 is a collaborative experiment featuring the talents of various songwriters and producers here at ccMixter.

Brandnutopia - calendargirl/Ashwan
One Crazy Love - Tomas Phusion/plurgid
Check it Out - Geoff Williams/teru
Alright, C’mon - J.Lang/21Pele/Duckett
I Tried To Warn You (Infected) - Etherdust/Gurdonark
Nothing To Lose - tacet/DJBlue
Moon Man - KCentric/Ronan Tyrrell/Ashwan
Space In Time - shockshadow/Dr. Concoction
Siren - narva9/_ghost
Your Eyes - oldDog/CDK/tacet

Special thanks to: Victor, Marco and Lucas.

Release date - June 2007. Cover art by 21Pele. This project is dedicated to the memory of Jim Tyrrell.

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