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Presidio is described as an eclectic and truly diverse mix of unique Electronica, Dance and Alternative music.

Hailing from Adelaide, Presidio is few of its class and is sure to leave an impact in its wake.

Once known as Question?Culture, Julian Roper first created an alias to release a small collection of hidden EP’s under.

Question?Culture was propelled from a small collection of unrecorded ideas and incomplete tracks when their live remix of ‘The Presets – Anywhere’ - was thrown into the wild.

Slowly releasing eclectic mixes of original solo works, ranging from Acoustic to Dub, Question?Culture had discovered it’s own unique flavour of Electronica.

In early 2011 Question?Culture was dissolved and in it’s place took Presidio; A more refined look at the unique sound paved by Question?Culture.

Only releasing singles every-now and then. Presidio has already started working and recording their EP, which is set to launch late 2011.

The self-taught mixing and sound production gives Presidio an individual yet professional sound. With an ever-growing list of featuring artists and a live show being developed, the EP is sure to have something to please everyone.
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