Reviews left by keytronic

Mon, Dec 16 1:38 PM keytronic review of Radiant and Lovely by The Bird and the Bloke
very indy and very different. and very worth to listen too.
Mon, Dec 16 1:35 PM keytronic review of King of the World by Scomber_JNR
fat beat and great ending. definately worth a sweaty dance.
Mon, Dec 16 1:28 PM keytronic review of The Light by unreal_dm
what a fantastic remix. just put it on my "heavy rotation" list. uncovering new ...
Mon, Dec 16 1:01 PM keytronic review of Christmas Again by Speck
somewhere there has a great songwriter disappeared....behind the mask.... :D. G...
Mon, Dec 16 12:57 PM keytronic review of Don't Say A Word by charlie_charles
Great pella, Great use of it. Francophonic at its best
Mon, Dec 16 12:52 PM keytronic review of Whipped! by Scomber
wind speed 220mbh+ - just killed my speakers with your remix full volume. And...
Mon, Dec 16 12:38 PM keytronic review of We're Still Whispering by Patronski
Dear Patronski, thanks for putting this wonderful song up. I had a fun time re...
Sat, Dec 7 4:44 PM keytronic review of Where Do We Go by texasradiofish
Nice smooth. The next hot summer mix I listen to this evening.
Sat, Dec 7 4:42 PM keytronic review of Black Is The Night by charlie_charles
Just listened to the Mississippi Remix from SWS and now your mix fo Black is the...
Sat, Dec 7 4:37 PM keytronic review of Mississippi by SWS
Supercool. Everything is suppercool. Groovy funky. Great work.
Wed, Dec 4 12:55 AM keytronic review of Tous merveilleux. by Bluemillenium
I can't help myself. I kinda like it. It is so 80's early 90's. Funny listenin...
Tue, Dec 3 3:00 PM keytronic review of Call Me by Linden Tree
this completely reminds me to my first listening experience with "Mazzy Star". I...
Tue, Dec 3 2:43 PM keytronic review of Clean (Prod. by Robbero) by Robbero
dry as stone. cool. sounds like tricky....
Tue, Dec 3 1:14 AM keytronic review of Stay with me by offlinebouncer
Woh.....just put that pella on my list for being a next project. Nice song !!
Thu, Nov 28 12:40 AM keytronic review of Path of Glass (Melpomene) by Doxent Zsigmond
Started my day with listening to the latest contributions on ccm - first remix i...