Reviews left by keytronic

Fri, Oct 31 1:36 PM keytronic review of Reasons to be cheerful (Thanks Ian!) by Shelflife
wow...this blasts me away. Rocking funky and radio ready.
Fri, Oct 31 1:33 PM keytronic review of Waking_Me_Softly by Stefan Kartenberg
wow....very cool and solid pop production. impressing.
Sun, Oct 26 5:29 PM keytronic review of cityGarden by airtone
you are tickling the electrons to make them sound warm...and they seem to like i...
Sun, Oct 26 5:27 PM keytronic review of Control Me by Shebbe
this has really a good drive....will be definatly put into my car...I already im...
Sun, Oct 26 5:23 PM keytronic review of Don't you run (feat. oldDog and Calling Sister Midnight) by Jeris
wow...masterpiece music. and you really keep the drummer busy...nice work. the v...
Sun, Oct 26 5:21 PM keytronic review of Apologize Feat. snowflake by Levihica
great work - especially how you made the vocals suite the style.
Sun, Oct 26 5:19 PM keytronic review of Badabing Badaboom by texasradiofish
excellent....really a fun listen.
Fri, Oct 24 3:02 AM keytronic review of Connect the World by Scomber
Wow....very cool. so far my favorite mix....(in 4/4) ;-)
Wed, Oct 22 6:12 AM keytronic review of Out There Somewhere feat. Kara Square by Levihica
oh....very cool use of the stems....and nice Kraftwerk sound. very glad to have ...
Tue, Oct 21 12:31 AM keytronic review of All of the World ft. Snowflake VS Reiswerk by reiswerk
Oh...and it is a nice one....kind of Pogues and Kirsty MacColl. fund initiat...
Tue, Oct 21 12:28 AM keytronic review of All of the World by Jeris
I love how you play with various ethic elements. I hear some gypsy music. Oh...a...
Mon, Oct 20 2:48 PM keytronic review of Only Sometimes by Jeris
This is soooo very chilly. Love it.
Mon, Oct 20 2:44 PM keytronic review of The Penguin Dictionary Of Ancient History (third edition) by Speck
I am deeply impressed again by how you accomlish putting "noise" and "beauty" in...
Mon, Oct 20 2:41 PM keytronic review of Remember this by mullion
Every instrument placed with so much details and surrounding snowflake perfectly...
Mon, Oct 20 2:39 PM keytronic review of Devoid by Shebbe
thrilling !