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Reviews left by keytronic

Sun, Nov 9 4:42 AM keytronic review of All of The World by Tarida Gaol
I love it - the string ensemble is very nice. and you kept it 3/4 which forces m...
Sun, Nov 9 4:38 AM keytronic review of The seed, the rain, the tree by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Oh yes.....brilliant Bass line - super exact. love it. what blues funk diamond
Sun, Nov 9 4:36 AM keytronic review of All I Need feat J.Gomes by Stefan Kartenberg
Backtrack is great....großes Kino.
Sun, Nov 9 4:34 AM keytronic review of Some Other Day by short hopper
wow...simply wow. breath taking JAZZZZZ
Sun, Nov 9 4:33 AM keytronic review of Blinded_by_you by Stefan Kartenberg
Perfectly fitting backtrack. Nice
Sat, Nov 1 3:11 AM keytronic review of Out of the Blue by unreal_dm
Waking up. Opening ccM for good morning music and the first thing to hear is thi...
Fri, Oct 31 6:06 PM keytronic review of Tatra Mountain Bliss (Levihica Remix) by Levihica
nice arragement. I like how the beat is coming back after the "empty moment".
Fri, Oct 31 2:23 PM keytronic review of Imperfect World feat. Leza Boyland by Levihica
buzzed in after 30 seconds. great great great.
Fri, Oct 31 2:21 PM keytronic review of The Way It’s Supposed To Be by Aussens@iter
You polished one of the best songs published here on ccM up. great work.
Fri, Oct 31 2:11 PM keytronic review of The Real Life (Remix me Guitar) by Disaster of Music
Don't do drugs....:D Wow...this is so f..king cool.
Fri, Oct 31 2:07 PM keytronic review of Whipped by Quarkstar was worth to let this one ripen. It is a great remix and backtrac...
Fri, Oct 31 2:02 PM keytronic review of The Coverup by Platinum Butterfly
Thanks to Levihica teaching that this music style is goa.. And this is really n...
Fri, Oct 31 2:00 PM keytronic review of Carta de Don Quichotte a Dulcinea by reiswerk
I have heard a lot of remixes from you but I really love these latest mixes. Gr...
Fri, Oct 31 1:49 PM keytronic review of Take it in. by reiswerk
cool...and different. Great remix.
Fri, Oct 31 1:46 PM keytronic review of Brilliant Day by Hans Atom
OHHH.....this is very cool. No idea how this hand plug instrement is called but ...