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Reviews left by keytronic

Sun, Nov 16 1:14 AM keytronic review of Paradigm Shifter ft. Rob Walker by Platinum Butterfly
it goes and goes and it still gets more drive towards the end. great work and an...
Sun, Nov 16 1:11 AM keytronic review of I And I by Alex
woohooo....this is very cool. swinging...with pretty much of "crash ride"
Sun, Nov 16 1:03 AM keytronic review of The CcMixter french song by bigbonobo_combo
Oh my f..king god...this one is sooo the sax. I mean loooooooooove....
Sun, Nov 16 1:01 AM keytronic review of E lucevan le stelle pt. 2 by Jeris
Oh yes....this has a very special groove - extremely cool. i love the drums btw....
Sun, Nov 16 12:58 AM keytronic review of Clarity* (a moment of) by Scomber
I looove it. If it is core - you have connected me now to this genre. Cool stuff
Sun, Nov 16 12:56 AM keytronic review of Piano dream by Stefan Kartenberg
This is wonderful. very very professional....and rich of details worth listening...
Sun, Nov 16 12:49 AM keytronic review of Greetings to St Petersburg by onlymeith
ooooooohhhh....goosebumps alert. thrilling and spheric. what a brilliant combin...
Mon, Nov 10 4:06 PM keytronic review of Me robo el Show ft Farina by reiswerk
fett....gaaaaaanz fett.
Sun, Nov 9 5:52 AM keytronic review of Wind It In by Speck
woooohooooooooo....what have you done with the bass ??? that's brilliant. Yo...
Sun, Nov 9 5:01 AM keytronic review of Break Dance by Scott Altham
I like how you paned the vocs away from the middle (what did you take for the HA...
Sun, Nov 9 4:55 AM keytronic review of Crank_it_up by Stefan Kartenberg
The man who never sleeps did again a great remix. I can't believe the amount of...
Sun, Nov 9 4:53 AM keytronic review of Triggernometry by Hans Atom
Rock solid handwork. And it's really having the right portion of "indie" feeling...
Sun, Nov 9 4:52 AM keytronic review of Foolish Game by reiswerk
Reiswerk you hit the nail again. Love your Accordion play....this music style is...
Sun, Nov 9 4:49 AM keytronic review of Love & Remember (Lounge Remix) by StillpointDigPr
awesome....too bad there was an ending - could have listened for hours
Sun, Nov 9 4:48 AM keytronic review of The seed, the rain, the tree ($15 Mix) by Shelflife
really excellently remixed. wow very professional.