Time of Terror Remix Event
Kraftamt (Karstenholymoly):

Reviews left by Kraftamt

Tue, Feb 19 4:39 PM Kraftamt review of Pie In The Sky by Javolenus
Beautiful song. The text is great. Excellent guitar playing. Well done.
Tue, Feb 19 4:32 PM Kraftamt review of Present by DreamSynth
Beautiful Indian sounds.
Tue, Feb 19 4:29 PM Kraftamt review of Paul Matisse's Musical Fence by Speck
Really nice!!
Tue, Feb 19 4:27 PM Kraftamt review of I just wanna see ya-Instrumental Mix by Jeris
Great Jazz Song!!!
Tue, Feb 19 4:25 PM Kraftamt review of 2nd Organ Impro in D#m by Doxent Zsigmond
Great! Wonderful Sound!
Thu, Feb 14 3:39 PM Kraftamt review of Bibliographiti by Speck
I think Stockhausen could not do better. It's different. It's strange. It's art....
Mon, Feb 11 3:52 PM Kraftamt review of 24 by greg_baumont
WOW. Great Synth sounds!!!
Sat, Feb 9 3:43 PM Kraftamt review of For all you lonely molecules out there by Wired Ant
Really Great sounds!!! Reminds me of a song from the album Pictures At An Exhibi...
Sat, Feb 9 3:37 PM Kraftamt review of Molek├╝l by Javolenus
Nice and smooth remix. Everything fits together beautifully.
Fri, Feb 8 11:27 AM Kraftamt review of Aventura! by coruscate
Very nice song. Great sample compilation.
Fri, Feb 8 11:23 AM Kraftamt review of Force Tones by Super_Sigil
Really great song....
Mon, Feb 4 12:15 PM Kraftamt review of Doms and Subs by Wired Ant
WOW. Great Synth work.
Fri, Feb 1 4:03 PM Kraftamt review of CCMixter Jam Session by coruscate
This is a great funky mix. Love it.
Fri, Feb 1 3:34 AM Kraftamt review of Passing Into Legend by coruscate
What a great song. You created a wonderful atmosphere with this sound.
Fri, Feb 1 3:25 AM Kraftamt review of Boys Don't Cry (Andyz Elektro Mix) inc stems by stellarartwars
Very nice Groove and Synths!