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Kraftamt (Karstenholymoly):

Reviews left by Kraftamt

Thu, Sep 10 3:29 PM Kraftamt review of Galmanlyth by Javolenus
Chris my friend, you did a really great job here. This arrangement fits very wel...
Thu, Sep 10 3:01 PM Kraftamt review of Spirit of 92 by Apoxode
Absolutely cool. Sounds like a mix of Steve Mason and M/A/R/R/S
Sat, Jun 13 2:31 PM Kraftamt review of Bossa for Nights by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Absolutely cool and soothing !!!
Sat, Jun 13 2:30 PM Kraftamt review of The Man Who Couldn't Breathe by Radioontheshelf
Fantastic lyric !!! Your voice always reminds me a little of David Bowie !!!
Sat, Jun 13 2:27 PM Kraftamt review of I Can't Breathe by Admiral Bob
Absolutely great!!! The sound reminds me of the German music group "Popol Vuh" f...
Sat, Jun 13 2:23 PM Kraftamt review of Look Up at the Sky by Apoxode
Definitely dancing feet. Well done!!!
Sat, Jun 13 2:21 PM Kraftamt review of Forest Dreams by Doxent Zsigmond
Beautiful composition! Good job Dox !!!
Sat, Jun 13 2:19 PM Kraftamt review of The Silent Garden by Radioontheshelf
Very interesting sound composition. Good work!!!
Sat, Jun 13 2:18 PM Kraftamt review of Città Blu by Javolenus
Very interesting chords. Sound great !!! Good work!!!
Sat, Jun 13 2:16 PM Kraftamt review of Chains ⛓ by Loveshadow
Very interesting chords. Sound great !!! Good work!!!
Sat, Jun 13 2:14 PM Kraftamt review of The Garden by Scomber
Arranged wonderfully !!! I especially like the pad sounds !!!
Sat, Jun 13 2:11 PM Kraftamt review of Confronting Systemic Racism by Whitewolf
Great sound! Super arranged. Good work.
Sat, Jun 13 2:10 PM Kraftamt review of Come On Home, Man by texasradiofish
I'm definitely shaking my head ..... Great song.
Sat, Jun 6 7:49 AM Kraftamt review of Afrer Hours ( Remix ) by Dysfunction_AL
A really great song. Good work. But how did you fix the vocal? Using the whole v...
Tue, May 26 9:24 AM Kraftamt review of What Are You Doing Here by Speck
Very interesting sound arrangement. Reminds me of some Prince song!!!