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Reviews left by Javolenus

Tue, May 26 1:38 PM Javolenus review of The night train by Kraftamt
Beautiful and evocative sound-picture! All the elements work well to create the ...
Tue, May 26 5:07 AM Javolenus review of Wonderstand This by Speck
Excellent--very cool and also powerful. Great mixing skills. Many thanks for inc...
Mon, May 25 8:37 PM Javolenus review of Dodecaphonic by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Many thanks indeed for this--much enjoyed! Double-bass sounds fantastic & very c...
Sat, May 23 7:43 AM Javolenus review of What Are You Doing Here by Speck
Cool construction! Dig it.
Fri, May 22 2:20 AM Javolenus review of New Earth by Kraftamt
This is a superb track! Quality of sound is excellent and the voice of Emily (Sn...
Wed, May 20 4:55 AM Javolenus review of Parking Blues by Martijn de Boer (NiGiD)
Hej Martijn--great to hear you again and hope all is well! And very many thanks ...
Tue, May 12 2:56 PM Javolenus review of Mirror by Kraftamt
Perfect track! Good work, my Friend!
Sat, May 9 7:02 AM Javolenus review of The World Is At Risk by Speck
Beautiful & cool how you put this together!
Wed, May 6 1:38 PM Javolenus review of Lockdown Blues by Speck
Very diggable track! Harmonica is cool--love that!
Wed, Apr 29 9:38 AM Javolenus review of Fractioned One by Speck
Very cool. Excellent in fact! The rhythm kinda put me in mind of "The Terminator...
Mon, Apr 27 2:31 PM Javolenus review of Modest Gramz PhD (Piano Improvisation) by Doxent Zsigmond
Superb--really beautiful.
Mon, Apr 27 3:58 AM Javolenus review of Will O'Winsbury ( Fairport mix) by Radioontheshelf
Many thanks indeed for this excellent remix, and also for your kind words--much ...
Thu, Apr 23 12:14 AM Javolenus review of The Day We Went To Tesco's by Radioontheshelf
This is great--combining music with ambient recordings is very cool. Well done!
Mon, Apr 20 3:44 AM Javolenus review of Dislocated Face (A Garage Groove Remix) by septahelix
Kool groove. Well done! :-)
Sat, Apr 18 11:36 AM Javolenus review of Garage Groove by Stefan Kartenberg
Super-awesome groove with top-quality sounds. Love it!